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Cat 01-25-2005 04:13 AM

Outer Wall Insulation
I have noticed photos of Airstreams in snowy cold weather...where the sides are covered with snow that's falling off the sides...(sliding off)...and no marks on the 'fuselage' (the exterior skin) like mine has when it's freezing cold.

What I see on mine are the 'membrane' lines showing...Like squares... I understand what it means...It means the 'lines' (membrane) are the 'studs' in the walls (between the outer and the inner skins/walls), and inside the squares (lines) THE frosty squares....where the insulation IS---is not allowing heat to escape so it remains frosty. But, where the 'lines' are (the studs/membranes)...HEAT IS it melts the frostiness there....right?

1. I want to know WHY the heat is escaping? Could it be that the insulation is dissipating? and
2. I'd also like to know is can the insulation in the walls of the Airstream can get to a point where it needs to be freshened ? replaced...?
3. If so, HOW is it done?

Mine, as I think you all can see, is a 1981 Excella 500, 32 footer,"BadBoyBEAR" :cool: Bad, bcz he's causing me to spend too much money all the time. :( Whoever said, "it was no problem...(he ) "just wrote the check"...>>WILL YOU MARRY ME?
Just kidding... :p I'm an avowed bachlorette! :rolleyes:

Seriously, tho'...does some one have the answer to these questions... :confused:

dmac 01-25-2005 08:26 AM

You have fiberglass insulation in the walls. It may settle a little, but unless it gets wet and moldy it is not worth worrying about replacing. The aluminum ribs conduct heat (and cold) so that is why you see melting of frost on the rib lines first. The new trailers have a thermal-break - basically a foam tape applied between the ribs and the outer skin (see Construction, section 5). I do not know when this feature was introduced. I suspect this provides a very minor improvement and would not be worth upgrading to a newer model.

Replacing insulation would be a BIG job. Removing the furniture and the interior wall sheeting, then replace the insulation. Not my idea of fun.

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