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badib-yazdi 04-09-2016 06:51 AM

Galley Faucet and Toilet Sprayer - No Water
I dewinterized for first time. To winterize I did not blow out any lines but did drain everything, opened / closed the valves on the water heater and filled with anti-freeze and run through the faucets. When I opened everything up I hooked up to city water to run all the anti-freeze out. The galley faucet and lav faucet sputtered for a while. Then the galley kitchen just stopped. Nothing coming out - air or water. Started looking around and found the screen at the entry point for city water was clogged so I cleaned it, then filled the freshwater tank w water and ran the pump to see if that would make any difference. No luck. Nothing out of galley faucet AND nothing out of toilet sprayer. The toilet itself functions. I checked the screen on the two faucets - and they are clear. No leakage under the sink, or outside that I can see. It's almost as if there is a shutoff valve just for each of these two. Any ideas? The law faucet flows just fine with city water, fresh water tank, and hot water works.

Farmer Dan 04-09-2016 06:58 AM

Check the aerator in those faucets. I have had mine fill with scale from the water heater or just the lines themselves. The toilet sprayer may have a removable head that you can clean out also. Or maybe put some vinegar in a container and soak the head for a while to dissolve the lime / scale.


badib-yazdi 04-09-2016 09:03 AM

Ah. I found an additional clogged screen where the flex hose on the galley faucet attaches to the sprayer handle. And the toilet sprayer, well, I did not realize you had to depress the flush valve to get water to it. Duh.

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