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Gsmblue 04-07-2016 01:21 PM

2015 FC25RB access to bus bars for solar
I am finally getting around to setting up the solar and I have immediately hit a problem...

My intent was to install the solar charge controller in the the little cubby that is under the dinette and wire straight into the bus bars - for convenience.

Unfortunately the access hatches are so small I cannot really get in to do anything!!

Looking for advice on how to pull apart the dinette/couch area to get some space to work, it is not obvious how all that cabinetry is help together, no screws visible from the top..


smr95032 04-08-2016 11:59 PM

bench access?
I had the same difficulty. if you look under the dinette at the storage cabinet where all the electrical runs, there are screws on the bottom and top (3) white, there are also screws on the inside through the small access hatches, all connecting the covering to the wiring that has been run to the buss bars. I installed my shunt here since it has direct battery connection and my solar controler will mount on the outside also, near the old crappy controler AS installed. There are hidden screws that hold these two cabinets together, the wood just needs to be pryed off. one on top and bottom. It was a pain figuring this out, unfortunately AS doesnt make it easy to take apart cabinets, it usually is quite a puzzle. Obviously assembled in a wharehouse then put together in the trailer. Keep that in mind and start undoing screws, a cordless driver is almost required. definitely makes things much easier. Hope this gets you started.

Gsmblue 04-11-2016 09:00 AM

Thank you! That is exactly the type of info I was after!!

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