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chris_kelly 04-06-2016 07:35 PM

Smart home technology
I remember seeing a post about a bit ago but couldn't find it again.

Either way, this just popped in my feed on fb:

Wonder how it was done and it appears, seamlessly.

Chae 06-29-2016 10:54 PM

I'm planning a similar system in my AS. One huge advantage we have as a full gut job is that we can run wires pretty much everywhere. My hub is a Raspeberry Pi 3 running Raspbian with Home Assistant automation system. I plan on using it to control the lights but also put some of the appliances on a schedule. There are very cheap sensors for RPi's GPIO pins that can detect motion, sound, rain drop, vibration, gas, moisture, and emit and receive infrared light. And more. It connects to the internet and can be controlled by any smart device because it runs a web server. I can do something like installing an outdoor light that turns on at dusk and turns off 3 hours after sunset, or have the fans turn on and ventilate the AS 30 minutes before our arrival. There's also voice integration and even motion control using Leap Motion device. It's pretty amazing.

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