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Jimbrommer 04-04-2016 01:58 PM

1998 Safari Service Manual and/or Parts Book
Dear Members,

I write to find the Internet link, Vendor, etc., to either download the 1998 Safari Airstream Parts book (lost mine on a failed computer) and/or purchase a Service Manual (Airstream Store no longer stocks). I have the some 12 page Owners Manual which is useful for the mfg. manuals, etc., but even the parts book gave not only the diagrams (for service, repair work) but the part numbers. Any help most appreciated, Jim

Rich W 04-04-2016 06:44 PM

Did you contact Airstream customer service? They had an incorrect manual posted for my Safari (wrong year) and I used their contact information. They sent me the pdf and corrected the version on their web site. Perhaps they have the '98 Safari manual offline and can post it for you.

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