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WGreg 04-04-2016 12:16 PM

Noisy Air Conditioner
I have a single, Penguin, 13.5K btu air/heat pump that's become noisy. It makes a clicking or rubbing sound when running regardless if the compressor is running or not (even with fan on only). When the unit is shut off, the noise slows as the fan spins down to a stop. I thought something like a small stick or leaf had found its way in under the shroud, but after removing the shroud, there was nothing. I noticed my shroud had some damage and likely needs replaced, so I made some repairs to it and put it back on. While it was off, I ran the unit for about 2 hours and had no noise at all. I also turned the motor by hand and neither fan was hitting anything. There was no wobble in the motor shaft while it was running. The shroud was very tight and difficult to place back on. I'm thinking the shroud is placing some kind of stress somewhere to create the noise/rub. Has anyone run into this issue before, or does anyone have any ideas. The compressor seems to cycle on and off fine, so I'm thinking I go ahead and get a new shroud. Thanks.

WGreg 04-06-2016 07:09 PM

OK, so I found the problem. The outside squirrel cage isn't tight enough on the motor shaft and slipped up against the sheet metal housing. It has apparently been moving around enough to be quiet at times to extremely noisy at others. In looking at it, I'm puzzled at how to access the set screw on the squirrel cage. I would expect it to be easier than it initially looks. Does anyone have experience in accessing the set screw for or removing the outer squirrel cage on a Penguin air conditioner? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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