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Over59 12-10-2004 01:54 PM

New Stuff for Christmas
I got my wife a Honda 2000 which arrived yesterday as I was getting home. I ordered it Wednesday morning from Mayberry. Thats fast.
It is a very nice piece of equipment but I was expecting some wires. None. I'll have to get them separate, maybe for her birthday. :D

rseagle 12-10-2004 02:57 PM

Gee, I wish my wife would ask Santa for a Honda EU-2000! ;)

wahoonc 12-10-2004 03:23 PM

I have been soooo goood...
That Santa is bringing me a Fantastic Vent; the one with all the bells and whistles and some new lights for the AS. I must not have been good enough though...I asked for 2 Fantastic Vents :p

Aaron :cool:

zamboni 12-10-2004 04:04 PM

I sure hope your wife doesn't read the forums :eek: trying to get ideas to buy for, her for Xmas. :o

maxandgeorgia 12-10-2004 10:10 PM

We are doing the Honda 2000 for anniversary. Doesn't sound romantic? Think again! Our Airstream is our home away in fantastic places. . .The Honda will keep things running while we're there, leaving time for the fun stuff! One would look good under a Christmas tree too, I think. Lucky you!

wheel interested 12-11-2004 01:29 AM

last minute gift idea
for your favorite Airstreamer. Don't forget those stocking stuffers! How about a gift subscription to Airstream Life! If Santa doesn't bring you one, you can find it here ;)

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