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Tom_T 03-05-2016 11:47 PM


Originally Posted by Ken J (Post 1758151)
Whoa - thanks for the suggestions ! This is my first pass, and I did it rather quick - so I'll look over your ideas and re-do when I do a final board.

Yes! Guy and Terry, Larry and Uwe are all friends - know them all well - and I know your trailer well - its a good one and I know Guy and Terri had a wonderful time and did some really nice work on that trailer. Wow #2 off the line is really cool! Bet they did not know that.. I still run the balloon fiesta rally -

Ken J.

Hi Ken,

None of us knew it was #2 off the line, until a year-&-half after we bought from Guy & Terry, when I got my wife Jana that "Silver Beauties" CD from VTS, & it had the Avion factory serial numbers list. #1 was 1412, & ours/Guy & Terrie's is 1413. That & several "Bits" will get us a cup of coffee.

Uwe did a PPI for us when he went to the 2012 Resto Rally, since we didn't know much about trailers. He used to be a couple of miles from our house in Orange, & helped us in our search - well Jana did the searching, & helped me straighten out some wiring mysteries. He's up in the San Bernardino Mountains in Lytle Creek CA now, so not as convenient.

We've enjoyed the Avion since we got it from ABQ July 2013, doing 3-5 vintage rallies a year since then. We can do more after our time frees up more after retirement, & after we don't have to rent a TV.

We like the resto-mod they did, but will be putting the galley back to more original look with a Princess Stove & OE single bowl sink, & find a new spot for the microwave. I may add an LP heater as Guy planned to do eventually - & I may add a grey water tank, now that VTS sells those small AS 16 gal ones for between the rails, when I need to re-rivet those belly pans.

Hope to visit your Balloon Fest Rally at some point, & Larry's Vintage RV Park too - perhaps on our way to visit our son if he's still posted at Ft. Carson CO (Colo. Springs).

Say Hi to Guy & Terri & Larry for us, when you see them next. We hope Guy & Terri's health is doing well now.

Tom & Jana

66Overlander 03-07-2016 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by Ken J (Post 1758316)
Yes you can see the faint 50 very clear - I would love to see any pictures you might have - I do have the one I think it's in Belgum with Wally's white trailer behind it - I have had that picture a long time so it makes me think I may have pictures you do not - sorry to lead you astray on Mousleys African trailer - I suspect since he was so close to Wally and Airstream it was custom made for him - I am also aware of an early 60's Overlander that has his number so I suspect he did not keep the African trailer very long ? Or maybe he just had use of it for that trip - makes me wonder what barn that trailer is hiding in - I do plan a trip out to Ca to the Mousley museum and see if I can find anything else -

Sent from my iPad using Airstream Forums

I suspect the Mousley's Africa Airstream was a custom. In fact it was one of two 22' Tandems on that caravan that do not have the window configuration that was common to the World Travelers, and I am pretty sure it was built in California from various details, but at a time that custom trailers were rarely built in Cali. The Ohio factory had more space to build customs, so most were built there. Regarding replacing it shortly after the Africa caravan, that seems likely because most of the Airstreams were extremely beat up. Only 4 Africa Caravan Airstreams are still known to exist and I have heard that at least one was traded back to Airstream for a new trailer after the caravan ended. I cannot speculate if Wally or Airstream might have "loaned" the trailer to the Mousley's for the trip. That happened for official paid staff on the Around the World Caravan, but I have not heard of that during the Africa Caravan.

The other Africa custom 22' tandem was built in Ohio as best I can tell and is different from the Mousely's trailer. That one was also owned by another famous Airstreaming couple that went on several caravans with Wally Byam: Joe & Lydia (Toots) Bos, from Marshaltown, Iowa. I know nothing more about it than about the Mousely's trailer. But since I cannot account for one or two of the Ohio built WT's, I suppose there is a chance it could be a WT custom and one of the unknown WTs known to have been built.

Serial numbers for the Africa custom 22' tandems might help decipher the mystery a little, but I don't them.

Now back to your trailer. I will respond to your PM via email shortly.

streaminwild 03-07-2016 08:57 AM

Thank you for sharing your trailers Ken J and '55 Airlight. I'm glad these trailers were found by you. Some unknowing people would have scraped them...which would've been unfortunate. Good job to both of you.:)

azflycaster 03-07-2016 09:50 AM

In one of the pictures in the June 1957 article (pg 800), it showed some printing on the panel in fron of the door. Was any of that shadowed into the skin?

What a great find!

66Overlander 03-07-2016 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by azflycaster (Post 1758920)
In one of the pictures in the June 1957 article (pg 800), it showed some printing on the panel in fron of the door. Was any of that shadowed into the skin?

What a great find!

I emailed Ken some photos from the 1956 European Caravan that partially showed the Mousley's names, Hometown, and listings for a Canada and European caravan on the front curbside corner. I wonder if he will be able to match that up with ghost images on the trailer now.

I assume the Canada reference would be to Caravan 4 - Western Canada - Summer 1954, the first they are recorded as having participated on, and one that they would have had to use a trailer earlier than their 1956 Flying Cloud. The Europe reference would obviously be for Caravan 8 - Europe - Six Months 1956. It was typical back then to list all caravans taken by the owners on their Airstream, not necessarily just the ones the specific trailer was on. Wally himself certainly did this.

Ken J 03-07-2016 01:49 PM

Mousley Airstream
1 Attachment(s)
Richard - yes I can see there was writing on that panel but the ghost is not a clear as the number 50 and the caravan sticker over the WBCCI number.

Thank you soo much to Joe for sending me those pictures - they are photos I did not have before - very cool.

I've attached a picture of Louis and Mildred - Louis is the tall one messing with his iPhone :) :) and Mildred is in the dark coat on the very right of the picture.

Ken J.

Hittenstiehl 03-07-2016 01:54 PM

These pictures are priceless.

xrvr 03-07-2016 03:49 PM

What kind of phone in those days. Love these old pictures, thanks.

Jim J 07-20-2016 08:24 AM

We just stopped at Jack Sisemore's museum last week. It is a wonderful museum with lots of stuff that doesn't look so old to me! I guess I am ready for a museum myself.

There are lots of airstream and other older RVs, motorcycles, an old A&W root beer stand, and a gas station. We enjoyed spending time there. Admission is free. We were towing and parked along the curb on the frontage road in front of the dealership.

They are located on the East side of interstate 27 just south of Amarillo.

Ken J 07-20-2016 10:21 AM

Is this where Doctor Holmans trailer is ?

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