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Candominium 03-02-2016 07:13 AM

High water pressure leak?
I just finished first extended trip in our 2014 19' FC and had a leak develop. We hooked up to city water on several previous occasions with no problem but on one overnight stop I had a leak somewhere between the vanity and the sink. It was not a gushing leak and I could not see the source but a couple of connections from the city water supply were "moist". In this situation, my hook up was different. I always hook a filter up to the supply faucet but the faucet was so low to the ground that it would not fit. Rather than putting the filter on the other end of the hose, I just left it off since we were only using the water for the toilet. On our next stop, I used the filter as normal and had no leak even after monitoring for 12 hours. Could this have been just a problem with excessive water pressure? The campground was just a small location on I-75 designed for overnight stays.

dkottum 03-02-2016 09:29 AM

Possibly condensation due to colder water temps and high humidity at that stop?

Also if there is excessive pressure built up in your Airstream water system from thermal expansion, a leak may be forced. The system is designed to have a bubble of air in the top of the water heater to take up this expansion, often the bubble is lost and needs to be restored.

Wolfe 03-02-2016 09:55 AM

i had a very fine mist leak at the pres reg back side, only when inlet pres was around 125 Psi at night.

Candominium 03-03-2016 02:24 PM

Thanks for your suggestions. I contacted the service manager for the dealership. His response was that what I experienced was very typical of excessive water pressure. Glad to know that it was not a broken pipe.

dkottum 03-03-2016 02:35 PM

Too bad the service manager doesn't know the city water hookup is also a water pressure regular limiting water pressure to 60 psi into your Airstream. It is designed to handle up to 125 psi city water pressure.

Alwaysready 03-22-2016 11:59 AM

I have a similar situation with our 2012 FC 28. I have an intermittent leak inside and just opposite the outside city water hookup. We are in a park and hooked up to city water, using a camco filter and a pressure regulator. Every few days there is a small puddle on the bedroom floor (rear bedroom). Would sure appreciate any thoughts? Regulator and filter screens both look clean.
Always ready (but often baffled)

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