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Stream_Punk 02-28-2016 09:44 AM

Windowless '85
The panorama windows on my 1985 Sovereign are shattered. With the cost to replace them and the protective shields, I am considering eliminating them. I found this picture below with the AS on the far left sans windows. When ordering metal panels, do they come cutout for the windows? I would still install a window in the flat center section, but eliminate the panoramas. What do you guys think?

Lumatic 02-28-2016 11:13 AM

I think the windows you are referring to are commonly called wing windows. I have heard the term panorama windows referring to the small long windows above and below the primary side widows. But you are talking about the curved front side windows.

I suspect eliminating a wing (paroramic?) window may be a project you may have to fabricate. I also suspect that they are originally made as a solid blank with the window hole cut out in the fabrication process. I doubt they are manufactured blank for sale, but the only way to tell is call mothership. To replace the whole panel would, again guessing cost more than just the wing window.

If the window is not a compound curve it should be able to replaced with one panel with a little skill. If it is a compound curve you will need something like an English wheel, and more skill), to do it in one piece. Get a piece of poster board and see if you can bend it to cover the curve of your original window space.

You may be able to use sheet UV resistant Lexan (polycarbonate) to fashion a replacement. Lexan is more workable, and UV resistant, non yellowing than plexiglass.

Stream_Punk 02-29-2016 07:09 AM

Last night, it occurred to us that the curved exterior panels on the rear will also fit the front. New panels are cheaper than wing windows and with all the problems people have with these windows it will cost less to replace them with metal.

sgschwend 03-01-2016 09:33 PM

How about thermo forming poly-carbonate?

Stream_Punk 03-02-2016 06:09 AM

I imagine our Sovereign will look like this when we are done.

Lumatic 03-02-2016 08:35 AM


Originally Posted by sgschwend (Post 1756633)
How about thermo forming poly-carbonate?

It is pretty bendable as is. It does not have the tendency to crack that plexiglass does. If it goes into a framed window I don't see a reason for heat. You can put a permanent bend into it using a slump mold (possibly an original window) for an large even bend or a local bend using a heating element or heat gun. I have done a little of this but not much. The key is even heating and allowing the piece to cool in the position of function.

Wabbiteer 03-02-2016 11:38 AM

Removing wing windows frame and all and riveting in a nearly same silhouette .032 or .040 chunk of 2024 sheet aluminum has been done before here in the forums, my quick search didn't bring up a link though, and remember there'd also be the need for smartly designed interior liner patches also...

dwightdi 03-02-2016 01:29 PM

Airstream draw drapes cover the curved side window area for most airstreams, so an aluminum patch wall would be easy to install. The flat panel, center window, would remain.

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