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funkill 02-18-2016 07:23 AM

Flatbed trailer transport
I'm relocating AGAIN (back to Reno) and have an option to have The Silver Olive moved via a flatbed trailer.
Anyone have any input on this method? Precautions, concerns, tips???

Denis4x4 02-18-2016 08:28 AM

Having put classic cars on flatbed trailers, I see no issues here. It would be interesting to know if it's winched on and how it is tied down given the fact that the belly pan covers the frame.

kscherzi 02-18-2016 08:33 AM

Might become an over height load.

Denis4x4 02-19-2016 05:14 PM

I'm thinking low boy HD equipment trailer.

tjdonahoe 02-19-2016 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by Denis4x4 (Post 1751796)
I'm thinking low boy HD equipment trailer.

You don't want to beat it to death...

AWCHIEF 02-19-2016 07:00 PM

I have seen several new direct from the factory small Bambi's being hauled on flat beds. They looks well snugged down with plenty of cargo straps. My main concern would be possible damage to the suspension. But I suppose it is an ok practice if the factory does it.

AWCHIEF 02-20-2016 06:57 AM

Interesting observation. I recently got a good look at the new Pendelton model. It had hefty looking tie down rings on the rear bumper.

overlander63 02-20-2016 07:11 AM

If you go the flatbed/lowboy route, make sure the person securing the load kmows how to secure your trailer without damaging it. I recently saw an Airstream flatbedded, and the driver cranked down the straps so tightly the tongue jack broke. Then, he noticed the strap was loose, and he cranked it down again so tightly he crushed the spare tire carrier.

J. Morgan 02-20-2016 08:21 AM

Any driver that does not know to solidly block the tongue of the trailer before tightening the strap down directly over the blocked area ain't exactly what I would call a thinking man.

Assuming this guy put the second strap over the rear frame horns, I have to wonder if the back of the trailer wasn't bowed down or separated when the front "fell".

Brevi tempore!

polarlyse 04-08-2016 08:00 AM

Watch the height. My 30'er is stated in the manual at 9'6". A standard height flatbed is likely at 4'. That would be too close for my liking. They do make flat beds with a lower profile so look for one of them

featherbedder 04-08-2016 08:47 AM

For height you could use low boy trailer instead of regular flat bed.

J. Morgan 04-08-2016 08:57 AM

Fwiw, a standard height flat deck flatbed is going to be closer to 5' high than 4' high.

Superat stultitia.

tjdonahoe 04-09-2016 11:59 AM

Drop deck trailer, maybe 36", would be a pricy move....

featherbedder 04-09-2016 01:05 PM

Google low boy haulers as they may have a empty trip back to loading point or home base, you may be able to get lower price as some revenue when running empty. You can also google up trucking brokers to find hauler but they will more exp. We have done many times to get some revenue instead of nothing as rates are for loaded not empty return. There are also bulletin boards at truck stops such as Pilot, Flying J etc. that owner operators search for loads. You prob. can find one that has reasonable charges.

PKI 04-09-2016 03:37 PM

There are numerous discussions on how to strap down a vehicle load. Some folks tie the wheels and allow the body to float on the suspension. The detractors have a problem with the wear and tear on the suspension components. They say to block the frame and let the transporter suspension do it's work. This gets real testy when the discussion is on race car transport. We ought to be able to hold our own here. Enter the air suspension transporter and the energy absorbing transport pallet. Or you could just tow the trailer with your soft TV and really enjoy the trip. But that requires a road worthy RV. Does all nighter/all weeker ring any bells? :) Pat

Sparks to Reno - should be able to do that slow and easy does it.

funkill 04-10-2016 02:50 AM

Aye yie yie... I already moved the Silver Olive. Just towed her out myself - no troubles at all.

I was investigating having it moved for me so I could sightsee more easily along the way from AZ to NV - and because my new employer was picking up the tab. But the guys with the flatbed didn't end up having enough experience for me to feel comfortable with it and, the more I thought about entrusting someone else to tow it, well, I found my comfort level and did it myself.


PKI 04-11-2016 12:25 AM

FunKill - good for you. Well done. Bet that smile feels great! :) Pat

lilsheepdog 08-07-2017 02:22 PM

you made me think of something.

Originally Posted by Denis4x4 (Post 1751154)
Having put classic cars on flatbed trailers, I see no issues here. It would be interesting to know if it's winched on and how it is tied down given the fact that the belly pan covers the frame.

Totally trolling for my Argosy reno however Denis, you just gave me the idea that it might be a good thing to have tie downs accessible not only for transport but for our icky Florida weather.

Thanks for the idea!

JJohnson 07-09-2019 09:27 AM

22 ft 1972 Argosy
Hey guys I have a 1972 22foot Argosy. I need to relocate it from Myersville Maryland to my home in Fort Lauderdale Florida and itís an original condition has never been repaired and isnt roadworthy. I have a pick up truck but Iím finding it very difficult to bring it home. Does anybody know the height or the width of this model? Or does anyone have some solid recommendations for me to bring it home? I have a quote for $3600 to haul it.

J. Morgan 07-11-2019 10:26 AM

Flatbed trailer transport
The price you were given is fair in my view.

But you will need a way of getting the Airstream onto the trailer...

If the quote includes loading and unloading, imo it's a bargain.

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