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SilverPal2 02-01-2016 08:29 AM

We need to develop a leadership pipeline that inspires participation at all levels and reengages membership to create an atmosphere of fun and freindship. Mona is the perfect candidate and she has my full support

Jim Polk Region 12 1st VP

monah 02-01-2016 10:06 AM


Originally Posted by SilverPal2 (Post 1743502)
We need to develop a leadership pipeline that inspires participation at all levels and reengages membership to create an atmosphere of fun and freindship. Mona is the perfect candidate and she has my full support

Jim Polk Region 12 1st VP

Thank you Jim! Now is the time to begin thinking about leadership candidacy possibilities for 2017 and beyond.

monah 02-01-2016 02:36 PM

Letter of Introduction - Mona Heath, Nominee for International Third Vice President
Phew!!! Spent the weekend addressing 130+ emails to WBCCI leadership, one for each Region and Unit leadership team; the International Board of Trustees, Standing Committee Chairs and the VAC. Have already received enthusiastic response and support from many!!

(Attachments include Vision/Mission statement previously posted on this thread and WBCCI Resume, attached)

As a nominee for the office of International 3rd Vice President, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself while sharing specific strengths, accomplishments and my sincere commitment to a Club that is relevant to all.

As a leader of the WBCCI, I will work to ensure that it remains vibrant, adaptive and growing. In choosing to seek this, and subsequent leadership roles on the Executive Committee, it is my intent to empower the membership to select the candidate they feel would best position the longest-rolling, single-branded RV club in the world for the next generation. I believe I am well qualified for this role and look forward to the work ahead.

* Founding member of Moving WBCCI Forward – a grass roots effort by like-minded WBCCI members to bring about improvements that move our Club forward;
* Desire to be part of a leadership team that stewards this brand forward for future generations;
* Passionate about our membership, having established a comprehensive membership growth strategy and led membership presentations at Sedalia, Huron, Gillette and Farmington International Rallies;
* Understand the power of marketing, social media savvy and firmly believe a vibrant, engaging on-line presence is essential to Attract, Engage and Retain new Airstream owners;
* Successfully advocated for International Social Media role. Created motion which was passed during the 2016 Mid-Winter IBT to create position and define qualification criteria within Membership Standing Committee;
* Introduced a new face of the WBCCI by creating a set of four compelling Membership Postcards while saving the Club thousands of dollars a year by eliminating the previous packets;
* Instrumental in the growth of the Oregon Unit – working with several generations of Oregon leadership. Assisted in the creation of a group renowned for their passion for the adventurous Airstream lifestyle;
* Supportive of the development of new Units within the WBCCI. Consultant in the development of Greater Los Angeles Airstream Club;
* Earned the respect of Airstream, Inc. leadership by developing a mutually respectful relationship. Led a collaborative membership discussion with Justin Humphreys at the 2015 Farmington International Rally.

It is vital for the Club to align with Airstream, Inc. to maximize the power of the Airstream brand, which in turn will align our actions with the lifestyle of the new Airstream owner while remaining relevant to existing members. I am confident that my relationship with the executive team at Airstream, Inc., combined with our team in Jackson Center, will serve to strengthen our Club’s relationship.

As a passionate believer that our membership - past, present and future - is the core of the WBCCI, we owe it to our founding members, to those who have volunteered and given of their time and dedication over the past six decades, and to future generations of Airstream owners to keep the club relevant, vibrant, adaptive and growing. An International leadership team representative of the membership, now and in the future, is imperative for the longevity of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International.

I would like to count on your voice and your vote during the 2016 International Rally Delegates Meeting and encourage you and your Unit members to join the conversation on my Run Mona Run Facebook page and Airforums thread I’m also available at 971-804-0885 or at


Mona J Heath, WBCCI #3339
Nominee for International Third Vice President

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