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dbj216 12-14-2015 07:34 PM

3 1/2" Backset Alternatives
My 66 Trade Wind have cast aluminum door frame. This design requires an odd size door lock "backset" of 3 1/2". Bargman L100 / 200 locksets are no longer readily available. VTS has discontinued their reconditioned Bargman locksets. Kaput.

I'll bet some of you builders have figured out how to modify a standard lockset with a extension on the deadbolt. That is exactly what Airstream and Bargman did 50 years ago.

I see Schlage and Kwikset both make 5" backset locks for antique doors. Is there anyway to make a 5" extension into a 3 1/2"? Or is there a way to make a standard 2 3/4" backset lock into a 3 1/2? We have to move on from the worn out and rare Bargman locksets. A bungee cord isn't the answer.


markdoane 12-14-2015 09:06 PM

You can't just saw 1 1/2" off the 5" backset?
Or drill and tap the 3 1/2" and add a 3/8" extension bolt?

dbj216 12-15-2015 06:41 PM

I can't determine how the mechanism works just looking at the photos on the lock company websites. I think there are some spring return features in the deadbolt itself so it will collapse when you close the door. And then of course it must retract into the door when the knob is turned. The old Bargman lockset functions in this manner.

Maybe there are some Airstream locksmiths out there that have modified a "hardware store" lockset into a custom 3 1/2" backset so it would function on a 65 through 69 Airstream. You can buy a very good lockset for $60. A rare old Bargman L100 can be over a hundred, used.

The 66 to 68 Airstreams are unique with their Coning curve glass windows, phillips window operators, herr vent lifts, cast aluminum door frames, and special Bargman door knobs. These items are getting harder and harder to replace. We gotta develop alternatives.


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