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KellySLC49 09-30-2015 02:49 PM

Need measurements of 1949 18' Trailwind please!
Hello all. I posted (briefly) several years ago about our 1949 Trailwind we were just about to begin to renovating. Well... life, a major downturn in the economy, and a couple moves intervened, but now we're finally back at it. When we bought ours - #5034 - its original floor had already been removed and replaced with ill-fitting OSB. Obviously that had to go. Problem is, we have no template for the new 3/4" marine ply floor. I think we're about where we need to be, but I'd like to have some reference points from people with this generation Airstream - a Wee Wind or Liner would likely have the same width measurements.

The original aluminum floor supports attached to the center pipe measure 82" side to side, but I'm guessing the floor was wider and overhung those supports. Airstream didn't use a U channel on the floor in '49 either - just intermittent aluminum L brackets - so we've got nothing to help there either.

It would be extremely helpful to have someone measure the width of their '47, '48, '49, or '50 at floor level and at the center (bottom of the windows), at the first rib on each end (where the endcaps end) and just in front of either/both sides of the wheel wells.

Also, to make sure it's positioned right above the axle, maybe take an exterior measurement from the center of the wheel hub to the front and back of the wheel well.

Hopefully someone can help out, I've included my contact info below. We're really excited to get back at it. Thanks guys!

Let the journey begin again!

-Kelly Fowler
(801) 520-6995

Benjo 01-15-2016 02:31 PM

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Hi fellow trailwinder!

We have a '49 serial #5018. Unfortunately, we don't have exact measurements either as our floor was completely rotted out. Although, I'm attaching a catalog that someone sent me that has some of our measurements. Look at page 15.
Ps if you want exact measurements you should try contacting Dave Winick (sp?) as he restored a 16' 48 wee-wind.

Enjoy and good luck with the restoration.


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