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swebster 10-09-2004 12:28 PM

Tag Axle Brake Parts
OK. Finally got to the rear brakes and tag brakes today. Good thing too. We're headed to Cloudland Canyon in two weeks and I wanted to make sure the rear brakes were in good shape before heading into the TN mountains.

The rear disc pads needed replacement so a quick trip to AutoZone solved that. But when I took the tags apart I realized that they have not been working for some time.

There is not much material left on the shoes, the magnets were rusty and the drum was rusty. I found the issue in that the wires going into the magnet had broken a long time ago.

So beyond feeling silly that I have not checked these before :( --- I need to finr replacements. I saw the magnets on Andy's site but did not see a listing for shoes. Also, since I want to have the drums turned locally does anyone know if local trailer shops keep these parts (magnet and shoes) on hand? I've read on other related posts that they are 12" brakes but beyond that I have no info from the old parts so any info on brands, part numbers, etc. would be most helpful. Mine are too corroded to find any identification.

All replies are appreciated.

74Argosy24MH 10-09-2004 01:38 PM

Take them to a trailer place, sizes are standard, diameter and width of drum.


swebster 10-11-2004 12:38 PM

You were right. (I remembered Brett saying the same thing on chat a last week but forgot.) A trip to the local brake guys and they had everything I needed. Replacing the shoes, magnets, seals and dust caps and having the drums machined on both the braking and acctuator surfaces for $250.

I'll post a parts list when this is done as they said the OEM no longer produces the parts and now some other company carries their lines.

thenewkid64 10-11-2004 01:07 PM


I thought I had that discussion with you, but I couldn't be sure. Glad to hear you have the parts a coming! :D

swebster 10-11-2004 10:35 PM

All of the parts should be ready tomorrow at 7:00am. Ready to re-assemble. Brett I found the brake controller - right where you said it would be.

Anyone have ideas on how to test the controller and magnets? I understand that the controller needs to see a brake signal with the ignition on but is there a way to test to make sure the controller is sending current to the magnets while the MH is parked on a level lot?

Can I simply unbolt the controller and tilt it forward?

Also, how does one adjust the "gain" on the controller? Are there simple procedures for setting up the system? I am assuming that the tag brakes should kick in after the service brakes begin slowing the MH down...but how to I know how soon and how fast the react?

Sorry for all of the questions its just that these electric brakes are all new to me.

thenewkid64 10-12-2004 06:59 AM


Testing the controller and magnets requires a helper, the wheels and hubs off, and a couple of the lug nuts.

Have one of the kids in the MH with the key on. There is a slide lever at the front (typically) of the controller. When you push the lever over you are manually activating the brakes. Have said helper do this while you have the lug nuts up against the magnet. If the lever being slid energizes the magnets then you have power. When they let off the lever the lug nuts should drop off.

This confirms the wiring and that the magnets work, the shoes will still need to be adjusted to drag a little with the hub installed.

The gain is the round knob on one side of the controller, this sets the sensitivity of the controller to braking. The higher the gain, the faster and harder the brakes on the tag will engage, depending on the controller. Some have a separate gain, and sensitivity knobs.

There should be little or no delay in the tag brakes coming on when you hit the main brakes. If you have too long of a delay the main brakes will be doing most of the work, you want them to share the load.

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