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Alphonse 08-21-2015 06:39 PM

Update on BERG system for Honda EU2000's
2 1/2 years ago I bought the BERG fuel system for the Honda EU2000s I own. I posted a few questions about it here on the forum at that time.

The Hondas 2000s have fuel pumps. This attribute allows one to use an external fuel tank and run them through the night without worrying about refuelling.

The external tank system requires special fuel tank caps with dry lock hose connects, hoses with dry lock fittings, and an external tank. The fuel pump pulls through the generator's on board tank through the special cap via the hoses connected to a dip tube in the external tank. Kits are available, including a parallel kit. So if you are running two in parallel they both are fed from the single tank. By the way, the parallel kit will also run one generator alone as needed.

Unfortunately the fuel tank that came with the BERG system turned out to be of poor quality. Its cap leaked like a sieve and sloshed fuel in the back of my truck and took up too much space. The OEM replaced it with an equally poor product so I trashed it too and replaced it with a VP Racing Fuel Jug. The racing fuel jug holds more fuel, is vented effectively, and the square/tall fuel jug rides better and is more stable in the truck. The VP Racing fuel jug has a threaded pipe plug in the cap that allows you to do the plumbing for the hose connections to a flexible dip tube you can make with flexible tubing and an in-tank weighted fuel filter.

I boondock at an Indy Car race every year and we need the AC. So we have fully tested this system now and it works flawlessly with the upgraded fuel tank. I think I have indirectly sold numerous of these systems when people stopped by to to check it out and find out it is no fuss no muss system that runs for a very long time.

So my advice now is to skip the external tank portion of the BERG kit. Just buy the BERG caps and hoses. Buy a tank separately and I recommend the VP Racing Fuel Jug. The VP Racing jug's caps are O-ring sealed and the jugs themselves are of decent quality. You can buy spare caps and rig one up to work with BERG system. Here is a link to the VP jug:
VP Racing Fuel Jugs

dznf0g 08-22-2015 06:49 AM

This is why I made my own system for much less money. I already have several outboard boat motor tanks so I bought:

1) two of the caps for the Hondas
2) a nice NAPA inline fuel filter
3) a boat fuel line bulb primer
4) two sets (male and female) marine fuel line connectors
5) necessary misc. hose clamps and fittings.

I now have a system that performs dual function (boat and gennies) and is up to Coast Guard standards and quality, for the most part.

Alphonse 08-22-2015 06:59 AM

Rich, good idea.

What kind of caps did you use? Are the marine fuel line connectors dry locks?

Btw, I don't think the priming bulb is necessary since the EU2000s have a fuel pump. You simply fill the on board tanks in the generator and its fuel is pumped it will pull fuel in from the external tank.

You must have a better source for boat gas tanks than I did. The ones that I tried had really bad caps that didn't seal well enough for my needs.

dznf0g 08-22-2015 09:28 AM

Pretty sure I got them here: EXTENDED RUN FUEL GAS CAP FITS HONDA Eu2000i GENERATOR: Patio, Lawn & Garden

Yeah, I know the bulb wasn't necessary, but I had it laying around and I figured if I had a weird ground lay where the tank was downhill from the gennies...or a friend/neighbor had a Yamaha....etc, I could fill the lines and maybe avoid an airlock type of situation. The fuel pump is a simple diaphragm type and not too terribly powerful. Just a belt AND suspender type of anal retentive thing.

My tank is a good old fashioned metal OMC tank from the early 70s...still clean, and leak free...cap and all. Plastic ones seem to be hit and miss. I have one and all 3 of my tanks are interchangeable with the OMC type connector at the tank end. I have a 1966 Mercury 6 horse that has unique connectors, but only at the engine end of the line. All the connectors are OMC for marine use and have a spring loaded check ball and o-ring, so they are self sealing and leak free.

Tried to upload pic, but problems still exist with the site....will try again. good!

batman 08-22-2015 09:38 AM

Great info, Thanks guys.


SteveSueMac 08-22-2015 11:53 AM

My hoses on the original both had bad leaks and were replaced by the manufacturer. I used it once after that - all good. I set it up last weekend to charge the batteries and sure enough, one of the replacements leaks. 😒

I think I'm going to have both converted to propane only and just run them off my tanks when needed or a 20lb tanks at home if I lose power. I hate leaking gas....

dznf0g 08-22-2015 05:12 PM

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Finally, here's the pic

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