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Drathaar 08-04-2015 05:49 PM

Any Generator Experts???
I posted this on Wander the West, but thought I would try here, too.

We took a brief trip up to Paulina Lake, in the Newberry Volcanic National Monument, and used the our little Yamaha 1000is generator to keep the batteries up on the Airstream. Ran like a champ.

I always siphon the gas out of the tank, then run it dry after each use, otherwise the carburetor jets can clog. This time, after siphoning the gas, I started the beast as usual, but it died a couple of seconds after I closed the choke, and didn't want to restart. I got an occasional pop out of it, but nothing sustained.

Bottom line, I pulled the spark plug and found that it was dark with carbon, but not wet from flooding. I cleaned the plug, reinstalled and it is out there purring like the champ it should be.

My question is, why did it carbon up? I typically run it on eco mode so it turns at a lower RPM when just powering the converter. Any chance that the lower speed run is contributing? BTW, the gas was fresh, and 89 Octane.

Thanks in advance,


richinny 08-04-2015 06:03 PM

when you close the choke it makes the mixture rich which leaves the soot.

Drathaar 08-04-2015 06:10 PM

Oops, I meant opened the choke, as in pushing the knob back in.

HiJoeSilver 08-04-2015 06:19 PM

Unless you're going to leave it for several months not running it there is no need to drain the gas tank dry.

ROBERTSUNRUS 08-04-2015 06:34 PM

:) Hi, may or may not be your problem, but I only use name brand gas in anything that I own including my lawn mower. Cheap, no name gas causes problems.

mojo 08-04-2015 06:50 PM

What altitude are you at and if you are above 5K' did you re-jet?

Drathaar 08-04-2015 07:20 PM


Originally Posted by mojo (Post 1663761)
What altitude are you at and if you are above 5K' did you re-jet?

Hmmm, we were at about 6,300, then down to near sea level. I think you might have hit on the issue...

I didn't think of that. Thank you!

AtomicNo13 08-04-2015 07:25 PM

Any Generator Experts???
At the end of use , as the tank nears empty, I add a big gulp of Marvelous Mystery Oil and let it run dry to leave a nice non fouling film behind. I've done this in all my cars and other gas devices, never had an issue. No corossion, alcohol pitting or dry gaskets. Keeps rubber supple and flexible.

FishinHatteras 08-04-2015 08:15 PM

Altitude for sure. No ? in my mind.

I swear by Sta-Bil. Great product, not expensive, and the jets in the carburetor stay clean. I mix it with every small garden tool I own, be it two or four stroke engine.
Keep its head up!

ROBERT CROSS 08-05-2015 05:56 AM

I also run dry & drain on our dual use 2000i, the LPG conversion allows for mixture adjustment at altitude. MMO in everything, ('cept the Merc OB), thats stored for extended periods.
E free 91 in everything when possible, (avail. 2mi away at home).

I've switched to these in all our applications except the flathead Ford. Well pleased with the performance, not cheap but have lasted very well in the TV.


Trailbob 08-05-2015 06:27 AM

+1 on ethanol free fuel. I've had a lot less fuel related problems since switching to it last year. I use it in boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers, generators, etc. I use Sea Foam if the fuel will be sitting a while. Ethanol free fuel is readily available where I live, so that makes it easy for me. Here is a web site that shows stations that sell this fuel:

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