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Benjie 07-27-2015 12:43 AM

16 foot trailer advice
I'm very new to airstreams and looking for advice. My wife and I want one to primarily use as a guest room for when our parents come and visit (which has started happening a lot more since we had our daughter who's two now). We like the look of the little trailers and it would fit better in our driveway and I think I can tow it with my 2014 Honda Odyssey (3500lbs tow capacity).

We found this one on Craig's list and were curious about it. Does the price seem reasonable (where do you look up prices? There is no rear bed, only the front dinette that converts. I saw that the new 16 footers have a bed and a converting dinette, is that something that I could expect to find in most older trailers, or is it only the new ones?

Ideally it would hold the three (maybe four sometime soon) members of my family when we do go camping, at least until the kids are old enough to sleep in a tent.

Any advice on what we should get? The new ones seem pretty pricey...

Piggy Bank 07-27-2015 05:31 AM

Consider the 22 sport.

If you go to colonial airstream's website, then go to new trailers, and then 22 sport, you will find a 2 minute video on the unit, and also a 30 minute walk thru video.

I suggest that you look at this model, because:
It is the narrowest of any new AS trailer,
It has the longest bed of any new AS trailer,
It has the widest bed of any trailer in the 16-22 foot length,
It has many operable windows, which would provide good cross ventilation if not using AC,
It has an operable window in the bathroom. Most trailers do not.
The table also converts to another bed option.

Weight is 4500 pounds which is likely the top amount you could handle with your current vehicle. (please check your specs)

Bed in the 16 (new models) is just a bit smaller than you may want.

Bed in the 16 you posted must be set up and disassembled to use the table, and kind of blocks the door aisle when up.

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