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HCoover 07-11-2015 11:10 AM

Furrion Cables / Outlets
Has anyone else had problems with the Furrion power cable or the power inlets? We've got a 2013 Eddie Bauer 25'. Within 9 months the power on leds on both power inlets failed to light and shortly there after the indicator on the power cord failed. Since the nearest airstream dealer was 100 miles away I called airstream about a replacement cable. Their reply was you have to take it to a dealer to get a cable but it won't have the power on led any more. Two months later (February) we were in Tampa near a large Airstream dealer so I called the dealer, I was told that there was a new owner and the service department was closed and wouldn't be opened again for about six months. An airstream dealer with no service?
A week ago the site ground fault was tripped when I plugged in the power cable. The Furrion power cable had a leakage current in it. Bad cable, another make is fine.
I would think that if others are having the same problem Airstream would do something.

lsbrodsky 07-11-2015 11:50 AM

There are quite a few posts on the Furrion LED failures. Typical RV trash. Get a Marinco cable.

AWCHIEF 07-11-2015 12:00 PM

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If and when mine ever craps out this is what I will be replacing it with, : SmartPlug 30-Amp Inlet Charger Connector Combo Kit : Boating Battery Chargers : Sports & Outdoors

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