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darin 08-27-2004 05:01 PM

Univolt hook-up
I am finally about to tow the airstream I purchased a year ago. Am heading out the the burning man event for a week long trip. We will have a generator to supply power to the window mounted a/c, surround sound entertainment system, and all other essential camping needs. However since we do not want to run the generator at night to the annoyance of those around, I purchased a Coleman 1200 watt invertor, so we can still enjoy movies and music through the night. My question is about hooking up this invertor. It has to be extemely close to the battery, so I will not be able to plug directly into it. Would I do any damage to the Univolt, battery, or inverter if I plug the main shore electrical hook-up in the invertor and create a looping system(battery-invertor-univolt-battery-invertor-etc.). I hope to get an okay before I leave in about an hour, otherwise I will find a way to get online before hooking up tommorrow.

Thanks darin

dmac 08-27-2004 05:17 PM

The Univolt will try to recharge the battery using the power from the inverter - albiet inefficiently. This plus whatever parasitic load you might have on the 110 volt side will drain the battery faster than needed.

Movies or music should have a low amperage draw - you might get away with using an existing cigarette plug, or you could install a new cigarette plug off the wiring from the battery to the univolt. Install a fuse!

It is much more efficient to use a 12 volt TV and DVD player, than to use an inverter.

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