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larry smith 08-11-2002 10:26 PM

battery size?
Hello all new members 1st post. I just took the leap and purchased a very used 1976 land yacht trailer. The battery is missing and I would like to replace it but Iam not sure if it is a grour 24 or group 27 deep cell battery. Thanks I Love the forums,I have already gleened some excellent info and look forward to all your help in my little project.

thenewkid64 08-12-2002 05:22 AM

This is one of those measure twice situations. The box will hold a group 27 battery. BUT not all group 27 batteries are the same size. My advice is to mesure all three dimentions and get the biggest battery you can fit in the box.

davidz71 08-12-2002 09:29 AM

Nice to have you on the forum. I agree with Brett on the group 27 battery. My '77 Excella 500 has dual battery compartments , one on each side of my 40 lb. propane tanks. A grp 27 Delco Voyager 105 amp hr. battery fits fine but the grp 27 Duralast deep cycle was 1/4" too long. According to the Delco site, the M27MF battery is 12.5 inches long, 6.8 inches wide and 8.8 inches in heigth.

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