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mavapa 08-20-2004 10:53 PM

New floor - that darn cat!
I'm right in the middle of replacing the carpet in my new (to me) '95 Excella. I have a good subfloor but the process is complicated by the fact that the previous owners had a cat and they kept its litter box in the drawer area under the refrigerator. Of course, cats don't always hit the litter box, so I have a strong odor problem resulting from accumulation of litter and cat byproducts in that area. I have ripped out the carpet from the bath forward. I took out the rear dinette seat and managed to get the trapped carpet out from under the wall there, but can't get all of it out of the bathroom wall. I have sprayed enzyme odor remover generously, plus some of the Sam's OdoBan deodorizer. I still have cat litter odor. I am hopeful that I can eventually get the odor out, or at least significantly reduced, but I can't proceed with the new floor because all the deodorizer treatments leave the floor wet. I'll probably paint the affected area to try to seal it and probably store activated carbon under the refrigerator. I doubt I will ever put anything else under there. Has anyone had any experience with this particular cat-related problem?

JohnG 08-20-2004 11:38 PM

Never had the problem and I am surprised that the OdoBan didn't work. i have used it for a while and it has always worked.

You might try tossing some unused coffee grounds in there and coming back in a few days and vaccuum it up. Coffe grounds have removed the smell of fish from refigerators a few times for me.

I have heard that lemon juice sprayed on the area will remove the odor but I never tried it.

Herm and Debby 08-21-2004 09:04 AM

We have several cats and have never been successful at removing odors with OdoBan. Try OdorXit. Their website is
Recently we introduced a new cat to the house. Our older female took offense to this and started using the carpeted floor under my daughter's bed as her litter box. I first cleaned the area by hand then followed up with a steam cleaner using the carpet cleaning solution and OdorXit. The results were amazing. The product is expensive but is extremely effective when used as directed.

It also works good in refrigerators. We had some frozen hamburger stored in the fridge in our camper. The power cord was accidentally disconnected allowing the hamburger to thaw and run throught the fridge. The smell was awful! I cleaned the inside of the fridge well with Lysol Kitchen Cleaner followed up by a good application of the OdorXit Magic. By the next day, the offensive odor was completely gone.

I realize that I sound like some cheap infomercial but I've never run across a product that works so well. Try it, you'll be amazed!

mavapa 09-23-2004 12:04 PM

Almost done now
Things are looking up. The cat litter stink is essentially gone from the area where the litter box was. There is a remaining musty odor in the trailer, probably in the upholstery and curtains. I have had the dinette cushions dry cleaned. I will probably wash the curtains and maybe have the sofa recovered. I think it's going to be OK once I start using the trailer. The new Pergo floor is down in the kitchen/living area. I removed the dinette seats, the tv cabinet and both folding tables at the sofa ends so that I could put the Pergo down. That way the flooring runs right under the fittings. I'll have to see whether the expansion gap on the other side is sufficient to take care of any movement. I removed the carpet from the bath area, including the part that goes up the wall behind the toilet. I put down no-glue vinyl on the floor and self-adhesive, 12-inch tiles on the weird structure behind the toilet. Then I used some aluminum angle stock to finish the edges of the tiles. It looks pretty good. Now, with a new toilet, I think I'm ready for a shakedown trip. I have reservations for the first weekend in October.

overlander63 09-23-2004 08:42 PM

If you wind up with the odor again, you can try painting the plywood floor with KILZ. It is white in color, seems to be good for mold and mildew, and almost anything else that might wind up on the floor. Just make sure you have plenty of ventilation, this stuff smells like a combination of gasoline and bleach until it is dry. And did I mention the smell?

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