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aztlanco 08-15-2004 11:35 PM

Battery Box
I'm looking for a battery box that will fit two 6 volt Golf Cart batteries. Must be sealed and open only to the outside of RV (no fumes or gases inside) and must be acid proof.
Also, does the door to this compartment be louvered or vented?
Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated, thanks,
Ernie WBCCI #4636
'58 Traveler 18ft
'50 Ford F-1 tow vehicle

markdoane 08-16-2004 08:16 AM

Here is a web site for battery boxes. I'm not sure this is exactly what you are looking for, but it's as close as I could get. Youw ould need to add your own venting.
You might consider building your own. If you want to build your own there are web sites that have directions.

aztlanco 08-16-2004 09:29 PM

Thanks Don, but these boxes open up on top and I need one that opens on the side and is axcessed from the outside of the RV. through an axcess door. So far, all the web sites I have checked carry this type and it's just not what I'm looking for. My Traveler came with one but it's for a single battery and one battery is not enough for me as I go for extended trips where there is no hook-ups or shore power. HELP,
'58 Traveler
'50 Ford F-1

thenewkid64 08-16-2004 10:15 PM


A couple of thoughts

Where in your little traveler will you be installing the batteries? 2 6 volt batteries need to be installed close to each other to minimize the loss to make 12 volt.

The floor of the trailer wherever you decide to place the batteries will need to be reinforced for the weight. A single axle trailer spends lots of time in the air :) the jarring will cause them to drop through the floor and even bend outriggers :eek:

With all that out in the open, have you considered mounting them in the bed of the truck, having 1-12 volt in the trailer with a pigtail that connects the external bank in with a relay to disconnect the 12 volt in the trailer. This would allow you to charge the 2X6 if you do any driving around and even recharge the on board 12 Volt from the 2X6's by connecting them all together. Just my random thoughts..............

mello mike 08-17-2004 02:30 PM

Inland RV and Oasis RV sell the battery boxes you're looking for. They're a little spendy, but worth it. Most folks install them in the front so that the weight is over the tongue. That's where I'll be mounting mine. Each battery has it's own compartment or box. The newer A/S use them.

aztlanco 08-17-2004 06:56 PM

Thanks guys;
I tryied finding the battery boxes at both Inland and Oasis' web sites but they don't show any . I guess I'l have to call them.
I plan to install them under the front Dinnette, over the frame, crossmember and outrigger with another layer of 3/4" plywood under both batteries. I still want to access them from the outside thru an access door.
Thanks again,
Ernie WBCCI #4636
'58 Traveler, '50 Ford F-1 tow

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