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flaagan 03-16-2015 04:06 PM

Counter area across from door - swap for a bench / bed?
Working on fixing up a '72 Ambassador, been talking with my father about ideas for adding beds. One of the ideas that came to mind was to take out the cabinet across from the doorway (looks like this) and replace it with bench / bed setup. The trailer's already got the pull-out bed at the front end, so this would be a seating / sleeping area perpendicular to it.

I'm for the idea as the cabinet in mine is a bit beat up, there's a number of drilled holes in it (likely from a TV mounted to it), and honestly, the pull-out table is kind of flimsy.

Has anyone done something like this, or happens to have photos of this kind of setup?

suzuz22 02-09-2016 09:13 PM

What did you end up doing? We are considering putting a futon in that spot along with an ottoman, and are replacing the existing couch across the back with a twin bunk "bedroom" of sorts for the kids. I'm curious to know what you decided and how it worked out.

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