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Thomasmg 02-15-2015 08:52 AM

Panel gauges
Has anyone replaced the gauges and meters in the panel? I have a '74 Sovereign Int'l. I would like to upgrade . relocating seems foolish, but I would like to change it out. I would really like to see photos too, of course

dlang4d 07-06-2015 08:35 PM

Same situation here... did you find anything ??

chilipepper 07-07-2015 11:05 AM

Here is what I'm working on... I have a OLED panel now installed and you can see a very crumby video here of how it is working and what I've been playing with.

Arduino Gauges

I installed grey tanks and added sensors to it but need to run the wires to the control panel when I redo the front section of the belly pan.

I just need to add the warning LED to the pressure gauge which will turn on when tanks are FULL or EMPTY depending on which tank, etc. Then I need to finish the permanent wiring and mounting it back in the panel. I will rebuild the entire panel insert as mine is a bit worn but I wanted to keep the same vintage look while modernizing it a bit! :)

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