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ViewRVs 08-03-2002 10:12 PM

1975 20' Argosy Spotting
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On my way back from Perry, FL in my 345, I saw a 20' Argosy MH in a gas station. I swung my 345 around (no easy chore) and headed back to the gas station to see it. They were boken down at the pumps. The starter was just clicking. They indicated that they though the batteries were dead. I couldn't jump them since I couldn't get my 345 anywhere near them. The batteries looked like fairly new Wal-Mart batteries. It looked like it only had 2 batteries in the front top of the engine compartment. Neither were deep cycle. They said they filled up three times before and it started each time. My hunch is their alternator went and wasn't charging the system and the batteries slowly died. The guy indicated he didn't like the unit and the owner was going to sell it for $10,000. Ummm Kind of a lot but......The exterior and interior were in above average condition. Photo below.

thenewkid64 08-10-2002 10:13 AM

What I want to know is what PeterH was doing in Florida?? It sure looks like his boots sticking out from under the front of that Argosy!

ViewRVs 08-10-2002 11:15 AM

That guy was knocking on the starter with a wrench hoping a good whack would get it working. If it were Peter, the engine would be running and he'd be testing the alternator output with his battery tester set! Of course it still would not be his coach because his to finely tuned and in top shape. I bet he also carries a spare alternator with him! :D

I think the battery was dead. I got my tool box out and they tightened the battery cables. A fast click, click, click was the only sound. I think the battery or *alternator* was shot. I had jumper cables and an extension cord and charger/starter but #1 there was no room to get my 345 in position and #2 no power outlet to plug in my charger/starter to get them going. They had some roadside assistance plan that they were calling.

They won't get $10,000 for it but it was a fairly nice unit. Interior was updated and 'fresh'. Exterior is not the factory issue (that I know of).

PeterH-Airstreamer 08-10-2002 01:07 PM

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PeterH-Airstreamer 08-10-2002 05:21 PM

What if that would happen to me...
I would start the generator.
Switch one of the coach batteries with the motor battery.
Start the engine.
Drive as far as I have to, possibly switching batteries again. (the univolt is charging the coach batteries)
And, yes I do carry an extra alternator and starter!

thenewkid64 08-10-2002 08:36 PM

One of the things on my to do list is to create a circuit with a high load switch that would allow me to connect the batteries together at the positive termainal. That way I do not have to pull batteries etc. I can get to MY mechanic and have it fixed. ( I do alot, but there are some things I let the pros do).

ViewRVs 08-10-2002 08:49 PM

They tried to start the generator. The battery was dead. I asked if they had a switch in the glove box to jump off the house battery and they could not find one. The question is was it dead or dead because the alternator was shot.

PeterH-Airstreamer 08-10-2002 08:51 PM

Yes, Brett, that would be a good emergency solution.
Another easy fix (assuming the alternator is working) would be adding a simple starter solenoid, wired from the coach batteries to the starter, with a push button switch on the dash.
I have one of those and i think the newer coaches have them stock.

thenewkid64 08-11-2002 12:18 AM

I have one of the push buttons on the dash with the solenoid, but I would not want to try to drive any distance whth my finger on the button.:D

PeterH-Airstreamer 08-11-2002 07:37 AM

But why, Brett?
Between the engine noise, tunes and barrels flying, you would not hear that grinding sound...
Since mine does not have a label, I did push it once when the motor was running thinking it had something to do with the air horn.:rolleyes:
I was considering labeling it, like
'Guaranteed road side assistance'
'fresh metal shavings'

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