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Pfredd 10-22-2014 02:14 PM

Armstrong A/C Starting capacitor
The Armstrong A/C on my '77 Sovereign has quit.

I suspect the starting capacitor.

I removed the old one and I can't seem to find an exact match for it.

It is an oval GE, about 7" tall & 3" wide. It has two posts on top, one with normal sized spade lugs, the other has smaller lugs. There are two wires to each post.

Here is the info from it:

45F1653 60 HZ
30, uf
366-410 V MAX.
370 V NOM.

Above the GE logo is another number: 76-38

On the opposite side is another number: 4740B47

Can anyone suggest a replacement for this part (an a good place to order it from)?


Al and Missy 10-22-2014 02:46 PM

Motor Run Capacitor Round 30 uf MFD 370 Volt VAC 12717: Industrial & Scientific


Pfredd 10-24-2014 02:40 PM


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