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Akronguy 10-13-2014 02:34 PM

Rugged Cover Tonneau Reviews by Rugged Liner
Hi, After going back and forth with either a camper shell or tonneau cover (and changing my mind everyday) I want get a tonneau cover. BakFLips are fine (had one) and I saw a cover today called the Rugged Cover II tri-fold by Rugged Liner. It is similar to the BakFlip and even has cargo lights. DOes anyone have experience with this hard cover trifold?

TinTin 10-13-2014 02:55 PM

AG: I haven't had experience with the Rugged Cover II. Looks like a quality product.

My truck has the Extang Solid Cover, which is fairly popular around the country. Gives you maximum height inside, since it sits on the top of the bed sides as does the Rugged Cover II (no rail necessary). Very strong!

Not trying to point you in any particular direction, the major determinant in these things often is the price point.

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