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bcroome 10-12-2014 07:27 PM

Bathroom door hardware
Southco Purlane sells a flush door hardware for bathroom
I fond this somewhere on the web in an upgrade blog for airstream. This hardware has several advantages
- no leaver handle to catch on your pant belt loops or other clothing.
- it is really easy to install providing you add a piece of woof within door panel to allow you to solidly screw the back of the door hardware. I recommend gorilla glue for this.
- cost is reasonable
- door operation is much quieter as it has nylon latch

Installation hints
Use gorilla glue to install new wood door filler at rear of latch - needed for screw fixing
Mark the centreline of your existing latch on the door itself so the new hardware will line up with the latch
Make a template (based on hardware layout instructions on Purlane site) to locate the drill holes required in the door
Use a square to do the do the straight line layout.
Saw cut opening required using jigsaw with metal cutting blade as it leaves a finer cut - if in doubt cover lines in masking tape and add lines on op of masking tape and then cut with jig saw - take your time

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