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StevieB 08-04-2014 12:29 PM

1963 Bambi Questions
1. What does your light switch at the back of the Bambi control?
2. Any recommendations for a refrigerator?
3. Any recommendations for obtaining a fan/folding door for the closet and bathroom?
4. Any recommendations for a portable air conditioning free standing unit to cool off the small space, and the process of hooking it up?
5. Finally, any recommendations for a inverter/converter as far as size and brand?

Thanks to all,


BambiTex 10-22-2014 12:19 PM

Surprised nobody has answered your questions yet. I have a 64 Bambi II but will give it a shot:
1. No idea.
2. When replacing mine I opted for the largest 110v "dorm style" fridge with separate freezer compartment that would fit under my counter. Purists will insist on a propane fridge but for 20% of the cost I got a much larger and more functional fridge. I do not boondock and even if I did I could but a propane generator for less than a fridge.
3. Simplest solution is a shower curtain on a rod though Home Depot does sell some folding doors that might work.
4. I opted for a small window unit that mounts in the rear window in under 5 minutes. Can provide details if you are interested.
5. I went with a PD 4045 from and have been very pleased so far.

Aktundra 10-22-2014 11:08 PM

If you can post a pic of the switch, that shows the location, I have the inner skins out of my 1963 Bambi, and most of the wiring still intact and hanging from the ceiling. If I know the area in question, I might be able to trace the wiring.

StevieB 10-23-2014 04:00 AM

Questions Answered
Thanks for the replies. I really appreciated it. I began to wonder myself why no replies ...... Was it posted in cyberspace? Were all the Bambi's gone to Europe, Asia, or the Bone Yard? Just kidding.

I have answered a few of my own questions:
1. Light switch actually turns on the "110" wall light side, between the kitchen and the bathroom.
2. I found a Dometic on Craigslist locally for a whopping $100.00 that is LP, 110, and 12V!!!
3. Vintage Trailer Supply now carries fan folding doors. This will be one of my next purchases.
4. Still haven't decided my action on the A/C. I appreciate the idea of a small window unit in the rear as a possibility on the hottest of days.
5. Thanks for the PD 4045 recommendation.

I am looking forward to any ideas or help that I can find here.
Enjoy your day,

dwightdi 10-23-2014 05:05 AM

We use a window unit for our 63 Overlander for infrequent hot days. It hangs from two wires in the open back window with a plastic fill in blocker to control air flow. AC travels in the tub or cap on truck infrequently.

grayling 10-23-2014 05:55 PM

Hi StevieB

Oftentimes no one is looking at this particular forum. Not very many Bambi owners out there.
One thing I recently learned is if I have a model-specific question, I'll look up who has the same year that I have and I'll either message them directly or even better, post the question and then message several owners of same year and ask them to chime in. That way everyone can see the answers, and makes it searchable, which helps future owners.

For example, I have a 1961. But no rear light switch. So I wouldn't be inclined to answer your question. Not only did AS change that quickly, they were also different in the same year based on east coast vs west coast, whim of the installation crew, etc.

Now I'm going to look up those accordion curtains since someone answered your question publicly. Glad to find out they are available A!


StevieB 10-23-2014 06:50 PM

That was me that answered my own question on the accordion doors availability. If you purchase a set, please advise your opinion.
Thanks for your response,

Beaker63 10-23-2014 07:22 PM

hey Steve,
As for the rear switch, either the light or the range hood. I pulled out all the old wire and started over. Took out the range hood and have two switched 110v lights in the rear.

Put in a Nor cold 300 refer, fit perfectly under the stove top.

We made our own folding door. My wife sewed long pockets in some vintage fabric then inserted replacement panels for verticals patio door blinds.

We don't have air, use the fantastic fan and open the wndows.

We put in a Progressive inverter converter from vintage trailer supply.

Would have replied sooner,didn't see your post yesterday.
I don't know where all the Bambis are. We travel from 10 to 15k a year for the last six years and haven't seen another on the road.

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