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59er 06-23-2004 09:07 AM

Towing with a Volvo
Does anyone have any experience towing (anything) with a Volvo 850 wagon (or sedan) or the newer V70's ?

They're tow rated at around 3300# with between 170 - 220hp dependind on turbo or not... not sure of the final gear ratio...?

please let me know of your experiences with this...


an10awiz 07-22-2004 02:19 AM

I have an 02 XC70 and tow my 65 Caravel. When the trailer is loaded I estimate it to weigh 3000 LBS. I drive very easily in California at 65 mph, pass at 70. Go up the mountians 55 mph at 3000 prm or 65 at 4000 rpm. It has the power and comfort to haul the older AS. I am not too sure if it would take the new Bambi 19. I am buying an 05 XC90 for overseas delivery in Oct. And with it I plan on getting a new Bambi.
I have never seen it mentioned in this forum or elsewhere but the 1965 Caravel owners manuls states: add the weight of the car and tralier and divide by the horsepower for the weight to horsepower ratio. The practical upper limit is 60 and anything in the range of 30-40 is very adequate. Any ratio lower is a hot rod. Horsepower is not the only consideration. The frame is very important. I have checked with the Volvo engineers and they state that the quoted hauling capacity is 100% within its safe limits. There is no need to derate the capacity for safety. You will need a weight distribution hitch. best regards, Joel

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