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maxandgeorgia 06-05-2004 09:56 PM

Cleaning debris from roof? White roof?
We set up a scaffold today and I climbed up for my first look at the roof of our AS. I can see the effect of parking outdoors in springtime under the locust tree (the only choice we have at this time). Anyway, I have a job to do tomorrow, washing and scrubbing away all the debris. If anyone has any tips for me for this, I'd appreciate it. We have a power washer, but I am leary about using it considering all the accessories up there with sealer. I wondered when AS began adding the white roof on units? What is the white roof made of? Is this a cover over aluminum or is the roof wholly different from the rest of the trailer? So much to learn. . . Thanks for comments. (Gotta get cleaned up before the weekend at Moraine View!)

jcanavera 06-05-2004 10:59 PM

It's an aluminum panel painted white. I think it may have come when they introduced the wide body units or shortly thereafter. The wide body units do not curve as severly as the vintage units therefore you can't see the white roof from the ground.

I use a soft brush on a telescopic pole. That allows me to wash the roof from my 12' A frame ladder. Personally I wouldn't use a power washer on the trailer anywhere unless it was spraying water for rinsing purposes and at minimal pressure.

Treetop roof stuff is difficult to remove. Especially if it bakes in. I'm a clean freak and wash the trailer before and after each outing. That pretty much keeps the crud from baking in.


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