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srgntpepper 06-03-2004 08:48 PM

Dump valve fitting for 63 Safari
Does anyone know of a source for the cast aluminum elbow on the dump valve on the bottom of the coach? Any help will be appreciated Don

63flyingcloud 06-04-2004 03:12 PM

Old Style Thetford
Your dump valve is an older style Thetford which is no longer available. Airstream stopped using it in 1964. If the brass (not cast aluminum) is in good shape, you might think about rebuilding it by replacing the 3 internal rubber seals.

As you have probably noticed, modern fittings won't fit on this valve. If you don't have the old hose connections which fit this valve, you'll probably want to replace the whole valve with a modern one.

Good Luck!

srgntpepper 06-04-2004 04:46 PM

Thanks alot, I have already replaced the three seals inside the valve and it works good!!! The only problem is that the hose fitting(the cast aluminum piece I was talking about) is still pretty much intact, but it looks like the PO had hit something with it, the bottom is broke off, i guess I'll have to fabricate a new one. happy motoring!!!!

Shivaji 03-14-2005 11:40 PM

1963 safari dump valve gaskets
Where did you get the replacement gaskets? I need to do the same on my 1963 Tradewind brass dump valve. thanks.

srgntpepper 05-14-2005 05:01 PM

just matched them up at the hardware store....

Trailer Girl 06-05-2005 06:36 PM

Thetford Dump Valve
1 Attachment(s)
If these are no longer avail what do we replace them with? I have put a new "gate valve" (?) assembly on the tank- I want to replace this heavy, heavy part with plactic- it weighs almost 7 lbs- I think this would be a strain on the valve/tank assembly- any ideas for a replacement?

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