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74Tradewind 07-23-2002 06:17 PM

Wiring Diagram Needed
Hi All,
Can anyone scan, Fax, email or mail me a copy of the wiring diagram for my '74 Tradewind? I forgot to check my bid on ebay and lost out on a '74 owners manual today. (Bummer)

I have a mystery wire (white) in the ceiling coming out of the ceiling seam at the front and a violet one on the floor under the sink coming from under the heater duct. Also have some loose wires in back of the radio.


Pick 07-23-2002 09:07 PM

Wiring Diagram
If you go to: he has a wiring diagram for an Airstream there. I do not recall if it is the same as your model, but it may help.

Inland RV Center, In 07-29-2002 08:59 AM

Brian. Owners manuals usually don't have wiring diagrams. But the "service manuals" do, along with many other things. You can obtain a copy from Helen Davis at 937-4928885.


74Tradewind 07-29-2002 01:21 PM

Wiring Diagram

Thanks for the information. My owners manual says that on page 63 there is an electrical trouble shooting section. The problem is my manual is missing pages 63-66 so I did not know what was missing. I thought those pages were a wiring diagram.

I will call Helen when I get back from vacation.

Ciao, Brian:cool:

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