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Mr Jody Hudson 07-19-2002 07:20 PM

Cool Airstream Model has a cool little model Flying Cloud AS model in cast metal. The size is 12.5"x4.5"x4" for $49

ID = 14-4284998 888.779.5176 24 hours

BobbyW 07-19-2002 07:56 PM

That is just too much !! However did you find that?

ThanX for the post and link. Wonder how many you have just sold for them by posting here. :) You should get a commission!


Mr Jody Hudson 07-19-2002 08:22 PM

We are in the process of moving into this new home and Kate just said "You're going to LOVE this!" as she showed me the picture of the AS she found in the PotteryBarn Catalog that came in the mail to the previous residents of our new home... Serendipity!!!


Mr Jody Hudson 07-23-2002 03:03 PM

Did anyone ORDER one yet???

jkleven 07-23-2002 04:10 PM

Someone has one on ebay with a starting bid of $79 I think. Wonder if someone will bite on that, not knowing Pottery Barn has them for $49?


thenewkid64 07-23-2002 04:59 PM

As was quoted elsewhere on this very forum: There is a sucker born every minute. I see stuff all the time on eBay that says RARE!!! And LIMITED EDITION!!! When with a little research you can find the stuff all over the place and for usually half the cost. I am always leery of stuff I see on eBay and cannot cross reference anywhere else. I ask myself, "is this what they really say it is? And what is it really worth? As well as can I find it new for the same amount or less?. I am not trying to be cheap, but I want to be frugal in the proper sense of the word.

I love eBay, it lets you see all kinds of stuff from the comfort of your chair, I always want to trust but verify before I bid. So I research. That is what the WWW is for. Well, research and this forum. :D

Jack, you bet they will sell as many as they can list. Until somebody gets the right search terms into a search engine. Sometimes us Airstreamers don't think and say "cool, I have to have it" It is on my watch list, just for curosity sake.

jcanavera 07-24-2002 08:58 AM

While I believe in free enterprise I don't like seeing people get ripped off. There is fabric that is sold at Walmart that is travel oriented and has a drawing of a trailer that looks like an Airstream. It sells for about $3.50 a yard. I watched a bid for this fabric get to the point where the price was probably 6 times normal retail. Finally I sent a private email to the bidder noting that the fabric was at WalMart. She was an Airstream owner and had no idea it was easily available there. Obviously she cancelled her bid.

As you say it is buyer beware.


66TradeWind 07-24-2002 10:42 PM

re:ebay prices
I was watching a 1966 Airstream brochure that I thought would be nice to have. It ended today for $48.78! Wow, if a brochure is worth that our trailers/motorhomes must be worth millions.

By the way, 48.78 $US is about $75 Canadian, too rich for my blood but I'll keep looking.

JaceBeck 07-30-2002 05:52 PM

The Pottery Barn Airstreams are stocked in the stores as well. On my way to pick mine up for the office.

JaceBeck 08-01-2002 08:55 AM

Got mine. Nice conversation piece, but not sure that it is worth the $49 price tag. Hope Airstream is getting a good royalty out of it.

ViewRVs 08-01-2002 09:46 AM

The $79 model has the A/C drain system so it doesn't run down the side. I have also heard that the more expensive model has upgraded dump valves. You don't want that mess on your coffee table or desk at the office! :D

Viper 03-19-2006 12:42 AM

sigv 03-19-2006 09:19 AM

I cannot find this item on of product number and by word airstream returns 0 results..

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