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daisychain 11-13-2013 10:40 AM

argosy camper tail lights
My son and his Ag shop at the high school stripped the paint and repainted our Argosy '72< 22 ft camper. they did a great job but they lost some parts and threw away others to my tail lites, leaving me with 2, 11 1/12" x 5" holes where I need tail lights. Can anyone tell me where to buy replacements? I already tried Inland RV in CA.
I also need interior ceiling lights ( the type that work on battery power).
One other thing: the wiring to my running lites is defective. My breaking/signal wires work. what do you suggest?

Belegedhel 11-13-2013 11:08 AM

Welcome to the forums!

For the missing tail lights, you will likely have to buy some used ones from a salvage trailer. Have a good look at the Forums Classifieds, and maybe you will get lucky. The ceiling assemblies may still be available from Inland or Things like this are also sometimes found on Ebay. You might also post a "wanted" add looking for them.

For the running lights, you are going to have to do some detective work--you will need a volt-ohm meter. Start with your tow vehicle and make sure you have running light power at the plug, next, plug in your tow lead and check to see that you have power at the trailer. There should be a little cover on the inside of the trailer that gives you access to the back of the plug at the wall. If you find that you have 12 volts to the clearance lights all the way here, but no lights, then things get stickier. Put a volt-ohm meter to the wire that leaves the back of the plug going to the clearance lights (it is probably green), and check resistance to ground--it should show a few ohms. If it is wide open, then the wire to your clearance lights is disconnected behind the wall somewhere before the first set of clearance lights (which is in the front).

good luck!

idroba 11-13-2013 12:15 PM

For the tail/stop/directional lights of that era Argosy, you can use a set of LED boat trailer lights from Harbor Freight and they will fit in the space quite well. They are rectangular and cost about $40 for a pair. I have converted two Argosy's to those HF units with good success, both functionally and visually. They do not have back up lights as the original ones had but I have never found back up lights on a trailer of any value anyway. Apparently AS agrees, as my new 20' FC has none.

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