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breezyway 11-08-2013 04:30 AM

Water Damage in Floor Under Bathroom Sink?
After hooking up to water at our last run for the season, we say water dripping out of the underside behind the rightside wheels. We unhooked the water and thought no more of it, the dripping continued but was slowing down.
The next morning I saw it was still dripping. I pulled open the door under the sink cabinet and saw the hose connection to the faucet was cracked, that's where the water was coming from.

There seems to be some water damage to the shelf of the cabinet, but there is more on a piece of wood in there and some carpet inside was saturated.
We repaired the connection, and dried out the everything as best as we could.
How much damage could actually be there, and where that I can't see? What can be done about it?

sandlapper 11-08-2013 04:59 AM

You will need to dig a little deeper to determine if there is actual floor damage. Pull back carpet, maybe even remove the toilet, to get a good look. Depends really on how long it was leaking. If you have been using the trailer regularly you would have likely noticed the leak earlier. So a guess is that probably no damage done, just wet wood/carpet, which will dry out.

A little woodworking to repair/replace the shelf.


breezyway 11-09-2013 06:09 AM

Water Damage in Floor Under Bathroom Sink?
The only carpet remaining is a small piece within the sink cabinet. There is a laminate floor throughout. So would I still need to remove the toilet to look for more sings of damage? We just got this baby and I never noticed this before, so maybe I got lucky.
She is all locked up for the winter, so the investigating will be in the spring

sandlapper 11-09-2013 06:42 AM

Might be tough to look under the laminate floor. perhaps an ice pick around the edges. Poke it, if the pick goes thru, might be rot.

If the sink supply lines were the origin of the leak, and you had not noticed a leak on earlier trips, my guess is probably no rot issues. It' s a good idea to check all the sink supply lines regulary, they can and will loosen from bouncing during travel.

The carpet inside the cabinet is likely original, just cut/pull it out or back and take a look. If it was wet the pad underneath will be difficult to dry out and will smell yucky.

The toilet would be a seperate item to check. It may have rot around it, may not. Just depends on the PO and how well they maintained things. It is not difficult to pull up, just be sure to replace the rubber seal. They are cheap, so buy a couple to have on hand.

Many folks put laminate flooring in their trailers. Some get tired of dirty carpet, others put it in to cover over rot or other issues.

I'm bettin' you are in good shape. You really would not have to wait till spring to take a look, you won't need any water, just maybe some heat to keep you comfortable while you work.



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