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gandttimes 10-04-2013 01:34 PM

Leak then no leak.
We just came back from a very soggy 2 week camping trip through Washington to Oregon,then back through Washington to home in Kelowna B.C., through some of the worst rain and storms that the coast has seen in over 100 years. Great initial trip( leak test)for our new 2014 CCD 25FB.
On the second leg from Soap Lake to Portland ,drove through constant rain and when we got to the campsite,there was a bit of water on the bathroom floor (from toilet?) but there was a lot in the cabinet over the stove. Nowhere else. Cleaned that up,and 3 more nights in the rain,but no more leaks except for under the sink.(later on determined it was from the water filter which was removed and replaced with the winterizing pipe)
Now on to Nehalem Bay,where we were in such a bad wind and rain (to curbside),the awning was of course stowed.Water pouring in on the seam above the stove (checked and the vent was secure) and in the bedroom under the front window left side.
Now I am getting very dissapointed in my new home.
Dried everything up and continued for 7 more days of rainy camping and driving,but now the only leak found was the one under the sink.(fixed on 2nd last day)
I am now getting ready to winterize,and I can't get it in for inspection till the end of the month,but I am concerned that these leaks will show up again in the spring thaw.
Anyone else out there have anything like this happen to them?

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