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marilynhostetler 09-30-2013 08:09 PM

Roman Shades
Does anyone have any experience with Roman Shades in their Airstream? We looked into many options to replace the ugly curtains (not original) our 1967 Tradewind 24', and we decided to go this route. Just picked out the upholstery fabric to redo the cushions, so I've got a big project ahead of me! Any advice would be appreciated!

idroba 09-30-2013 10:08 PM

Roman shades were standard on the early 80's AS motorhomes at least, not sure if they ever appeared on the trailers. I had them on my '83, 310. I liked them a lot except for the fact that you could never have the windows open for ventilation and the blinds down for any privacy. That issue is pretty common with all window coverings, but seemed especially difficult on the roman shades on the motorhomes.

BTW the ones on the motorhomes had a special track and custom sliding clip features so they would hug the curved walls of the AS. I don't think you could duplicate it easily on any off the shelf roman shade.

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