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pebblepoint 07-14-2002 10:14 PM

Bad Univolt?
Help!! I've had my '69 Overlander for only 2 weeks so I'm pretty ignorant about them.

Seems that every time I hook up to shore power, I blow the 30 amp main power fuse that goes from my univolt to my fuse block. There is only about 3 feet between the two, so I don't suspect a short in the wire. I can get no reading on my multimeter when it is hooked in to shore power. The meter just wanders.
I do have normal battery power.
The previous owner may not have been completely honest with me about the condition. Do I have a bad Univolt? What would be the cheapest/best replacement from what source?
I noticed that my rv dealer's shop time is $50 per hour, so that is out of the question for a retired teacher.

FrankR 07-14-2002 11:08 PM

Lookin' for electrical trouble
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I love a good mystery. My suggestions are........start with the easy stuff, and do the cheap stuff first. My first SWAG
scientific wild ass guess, is the battery or two are not connected correctly. The polarity is reversed. The battery positive is connected to the trailer ground. It is very hard to kill a converter. Disconnect all batteries. Again try to connect shore power. You can usually operate all 12 volt devices with the converter power. Batteries need NOT be connected to use any 12 volt stuff. Spray all fuses with wd-40 and wriggle all fuse connections.
If battery disconnected does not solve fuse open, wiring must be improper. Do you have any manual or wiring diagram for your Airstream. Post a picture of your fuses. Tell all information that ya know..... Circuit breakers are best.......

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