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Over59 04-20-2004 11:19 AM

Hub Lug and Circles
So I go to the tire guy in town and he smiles big when I ask about 7 14.5. He had a DSL connection so I showed him. Wheel He says they don't make 14.5 wheels with centers, that someone welded a center on a rim wheel and suggested I get new wheels and mounted tires to take down with me to get the trailer. Which was a plan about 3 ago. I show him the wheels. Now he says to measure non adjasin (sp) lugs to get the circle size. Looks like 6 on 4.5 but this is not an available wheel either.

So does anyone out there recognize these wheels/hubs and know the size.

If you have a similar vintage what size hubs and wheels did it have. If this is a 6 on 5 or 6 on 5.5 I'll get wheels and tires to take. Alot easier than getting tire service on Saturday.

I hate to spend 240 dollars then installation on tires I won't be able to use on a new hub.

85MH325 04-20-2004 03:19 PM


Looks like 6 on 4.5" split rims to me! If I remember right, I think that somone once told me that was a standard Dodge size years ago... and actually, doing a google search on "6 on 4.5" center wheel" that appears to be a standard size for mid-90s Dodge Dakotas. I don't know what the offset of your wheels are though, and that may be an issue.

Here's a link to look at:


Over59 04-20-2004 08:05 PM

All have been cleared up by seller. Thanks Richard

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