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flamingo-kid1 04-18-2004 09:04 PM

Original LOOKING interior lights for vintage trailers
*** If you have a Menards home improvement store/ lumber yard near you, look in the sales brochure in today's paper.. Sunday, April 18, 2004... on page 27. What do you think of those double cone lights?? They're REALLY close to the original look! I don't know if they would be workable, or not. ***
*** I have the original lamps from my 1967 Ambassador; the person who sold us the trailer took them out and put in shiny brass. But THANK HEAVENS she saved them! She said the swivel ball is loose, but that part is replacable..... Or I may have to go to Menards. Those original lamps will be on the "honey-do" list this week... no rest for that guy! ***

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