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Stefrobrts 04-12-2004 05:43 PM

Spotted in Vanc., WA
I can go weeks without seeing another AS, and today I saw two! I went to the RV repair shop, RV Pro in Vancouver, to buy some tabs for the new shower curtain. At the shop they had a beautiful early 70s tradewind (I'm guessing, it looked about that long) - fully polished to a mirror like shine. The girl at the counter said the owner had told her he'd put 600 hours into it. It was beautiful! He'd painted the tanks blue to match the blue stripe on the side. The interior was still in progress, but that's going to be some trailer when he gets it all back together.

Then on the way home I saw a classic motorhome heading south on I-5. Way cool!

So I went home and moved mine enough to level it so I can test the fridge, then I'm going to go have a little tune-up done on the water heater, maybe have them add an ignitor to it since it is such a pain to get it lit. All this because I'm hoping to have a no-hassle trip in May!

COArgosy78 04-13-2004 09:04 AM

Stephrobts- It is fun to "spot the AS". My youngest gets into it on trips, altho sometimes he wants to count ones we have seen on previous trips. Thought one was parked up at a corner gas station the other day, but it was an Avion. Still cool to see, as we hardly ever saw any aluminum trailers in town 2 yrs ago.
I think that shiny one you saw has been posted in a pic here recently. I remember seeing a pic of a VERY shiny AS w/blue bottles. Nice.

Stefrobrts 04-14-2004 01:54 PM

I took my Caravel in today for some service on the water heater, and they're going to also replace the old LP regulator (the guy's eyes bugged out when he saw I had the original one still on the trailer). They're also going to put a side cranking tounge jack so I don't have to rub my knuckles on the spare tire everytime I crank the jack over. He also highly recommended I add an LP detector and smoke detector inside. Not bad ideas, I'll admit. I think I'll install those myself though.

Anyway, there's another medium size AS there today with WBCCI numbers on the front (17XX I don't remember exactly), and a 70-somthing Caravel! I was so surprised to see another Caravel! This one looks like it was just rescued from a field, a little rough looking on the outside anyway, rusty hubcaps and the like. I guess these guys service quite a few AS, everytime I've been there there's a couple of them in the lot.

a.matches 04-14-2004 04:46 PM

Service Issue
Where did you take your A/S for servicing?

Stefrobrts 04-14-2004 05:02 PM

RV Pro, in Vancouver, WA (not your Vancouver, just to be clear) :)

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