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rayandre 06-23-2013 05:22 AM

A&E Imperial 8000 alignment help
For some unknown reason since we've taken our 69 out of storage and have been working on polishing and other upgrades, the awning is having a tough time closing all the way. Everything seems fine but when we get to the final part where the arms need to fully close and retract it can't because they are both off by only about an 1/8" to a 1/4"-just enough that it won't close all the way down. I have to figure out how to fix this in the next two weeks because we're heading out for a month camping with it and the only other way I can get it to close all the way is to get a step ladder and go up and pull it over a bit to get it down all the way. I hope this is making sense. If anyone else has had this happen please let me know if there's a fix. I've checked all mounting hardware and nothing has changed or moved-in fact nothing can move-the upper arm assembly is crimped into place and the lower is bolted into the frame ribs. While the support arms are pretty loose-they've always been loose at the rivets and I figured that amount of slop was engineered so it was easier to slide them up and down when opening/closing. We also noticed one arm is very tight when we try to slide it down to close it. I've tried various lubrications since it's a metal on metal groove-any ideas on best lube-I'm thinking white lithium grease. Thanks!

lewster 06-23-2013 06:53 AM


From what I have seen on awning arm mis-alignment issues, they are usually caused by one of 2 situations:

The fabric has moved on the roller tube either forward or back and causes the roller to not hit center when it rolls the fabric.

The fabric on the awning rail mounted to the sidewall of the trailer has moved and causes the same situation.

The remedy is to remove the retaining screws that should be found at either end of the fabric on both the roller tube and the awning rail. re-center the fabric on both and re-apply the screws. This will generally solve your problem.

The other cause I have seen is fabric stretch. For whatever reason, the fabric can stretch asymmetrically and will have the same effect. Unfortunately, the remedy to this situation is fabric replacement.

Good luck! :D

rayandre 06-23-2013 07:15 PM

Thanks! I'll take a look at both of those issues.

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