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crabbey1 06-05-2013 04:21 PM

Help ReDesigning my Electrical System from Scratch
Here is the story. I have a 1976 Argost 22' without AC (although I intend to install one down the line)... My appliances as of now are the original Dometic Fridge (small) and a brand new Suburban furnace. I also have about 6 AC outlets and all the original DC lights. I also plan to install to Fantastic vents.

SO, I have all wiring still ran in place throughout the trailer. I don't really want to touch that (unless necessary).

I am considering changing up to 50 Amp service while I can. Is this as simple as adding a new incoming power cord and rewiring the fuse box accordingly?

I also want to add an inverter to the mix. So I was thinking of swapping out my current Power Wizard PD9145A to add in an Inverter/charger. It seems that it is simpler than adding in a separate inverter to the current setup.

I also plan to add two 6 volt batteries in series. I plan to use AGM batteries. I hear that they do not need to be vented, is this true?

So basically I would like to hear from some other Streamers that have redone their electrical setup and see what seems to work... Brands, products, etc.

If anyone has a diagram of their setup or pics, I would be very appreciative. This is a new world to me. Thanks!

Skater 06-05-2013 06:51 PM

Why do you want to go to 50 amp service? I doubt you're going to add a second air conditioner to a trailer that small, and that's the usual driver.

crabbey1 06-07-2013 02:26 PM

I just assumed that since I have the skins off and I am redoing the system anyway, why not go for it...?

I want to do a setup like this:

I already have a Power Wizard Converter. I just need to find an Inverter and learn how to wire it to the 110 breaker box... Can anyone give me a hand?

Skater 06-07-2013 02:51 PM

That chart looks great to me, although I would wire the inverter to the transfer switch in place of the generator - you probably won't have a second power source anyway, or if you are using a generator, it's just as easy to just plug the normal shore power cord in to it. (Unless you're installing a permanently mounted generator or second exterior connection specifically for a generator...then you'd need the transfer switch.)

For the 50 amp thing: If you really wanted to future proof, run the wire in the skins so it could handle 50 amps, but then connect a 30 amp cord and use a 30 amp breaker in the box - that way you could easily upgrade the cord and breaker later if you do decide you need the 50 amp service. But I can't see why you would need 50 amps, unless you're planning on running a LOT of 120 volt stuff like heaters and air conditioners, electric water heater, etc. For comparison, even our 30' trailer only has a 30 amp shore power cord. Meanwhile, limiting yourself to a 50 amp connection means you'll want sites that have 50 amp service - which are sometimes more expensive - or you'll often need an adapter to go from 50 amp plug to 30 amp outlet when you're at a site that only has 30 amp power.

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