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wahoonc 04-03-2004 07:45 AM

Snowbird Migration...Spring Can't be far behind
Okay guys,

I drove about 1200 miles on the I-95/85 corridor in the last few days. The snowbirds are migrating! About 20% of northbound traffic was RV's of one type or another. Predominately Fifth wheels, and Motorhomes. Yesterday was the first day I have seen any AS on the road, and I actually saw 7 of them! :D (not all at once) Anybody from this board traveling I-95 on Friday April 2? The oldest was a late 60's early 70's, 27' or so being towed by a dark colored Chevy Pickup. I saw a late model Bambi, towed by a green F-150. The others were Excellas, most appeared to be the shorter units. I saw one unit in a Gas station when I went by but couldn't get a good make on it. It did have a 4 digit WBCCI number though and it looked liked an 80's unit. The last one I saw was on I-77 when we were on final approach to Charlotte. If you put your WBCCI numbers on top, you will be able to see them very well from 2000 ft :p

Aaron :cool:

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