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grndslm 04-19-2013 06:23 PM

What type of caulk to use to seal roof panels and window frames?
I saw that HomeDepot sells the Tremco Vulkem 116, so I went there a couple hours ago. I would have ordered the TremPro Vulkem 635 online, since it's supposed to be the "best", but it was pouring here today and I just discovered a leak a couple days ago from it pouring a week ago. Kinda just want to seal this stuff up. I'm fairly certain it's leaking above the window where the previous owners just installed a 2nd air conditioner.

Soo... I just wanted something earlier today and bought the two best options at Home Depot --

(1) OSI Quad Advanced Formula Sealant - for Window, Door, & Siding - Gray - Use on ... aluminum
+ Specifications - Meets or exceeds the performance characteristics of: ASTM C 920, Type S, NS, Class 25, NT. Federal Spec. TT-S-001657 Type 1; TT-S-00230C.

(2) DAP Dynaflex 230 - Premium Indoor/Outdoor Sealant for Flashing, Trim, Doors, Windows, Siding, & Molding - Aluminum Gray
+ Specifications - Exceeds Fed. Spec. TT-S-00230C, Type II, Class A. Exceeds ASTM C 920, Class 25 & ASTM C 834, Type C, Grade NS.


Or is the TremPro 635 really worth waiting a week for it to ship?? I don't think it'll be raining again over the weekend, at least.... so if it's really worth it for the TremPro, I'll wait... otherwise, I should just use one of the one's I've already got, no??

dbj216 04-20-2013 09:31 AM

As they say, all Airstreams leak or are gonna leak. I've had good luck with old fashioned Vulcum 116. It does the job for me. And the Airstream Acryl R seam sealer should work well for your seam leaks, at least it fixed mine.

Silicone calks won't work well on our aluminum skinned friends.


Airslide 04-20-2013 01:39 PM

I haved used DAP dynaflex 230 and found it to have very good results. I have one unit where it was applied 2 years ago with direct sunlight exposure every day and it still looks like new. With any good sealant its important to keep an eye on it as everything fails in time. Trem Pro 635 is also a very good choice for seams IMHO.


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