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Bruce B 03-07-2013 06:57 PM

Post your pet pictures
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OK I stole this idea from another forum but after searching here I found nothing like it so here goes...
We have been on the road for almost a month now and our pups are at home with a sitter. I miss them!
One shot (from our other life) of our dogs heading ashore for their long awaited bathroom break the other of their puppies last summer.

Denis4x4 03-07-2013 07:04 PM

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This is a very rare Navajo Pointer.

Taylormade 03-07-2013 07:09 PM

Here's my boys. The shepherd is 18 mo old, while the boxer/lab mix is 12.

Dorsal 03-07-2013 07:18 PM

Our litter of puppies at 10 weeks, just before they went off to their new homes.

Mattie's Puppies - Week #10 - YouTube

SteveSueMac 03-07-2013 07:20 PM

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Attachment 180392

Here's Daisy (Bloodhound) looking very bored in the truck...

cameront120 03-07-2013 07:28 PM

Here's my boy Kai

And Samm

Bruce B 03-07-2013 07:41 PM

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A friends niece with one of the puppies....

eljay 03-07-2013 07:49 PM

There is another link although it is called a contest, I think it became a catch-all thread.
Enjoy it here:

NJtoNC 03-07-2013 07:56 PM

its funny that yours all have 4 legs.

just to preempt any questions, Yes. they have leashes.

Jim Clark 03-07-2013 07:59 PM

Wolfgang and Blitz
This weekend first night camping in our new trailer.


Blitz and Justin

Boys Cleaned up after camping.

reinergirl 03-07-2013 08:35 PM

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Well, my avatar is my reining horse , Radar. then there is Finn, the Border collie, Maggie the Sheltie and Boomer the devilish dachshund

Attachment 180413

Attachment 180412

Attachment 180411

ROBERT CROSS 03-07-2013 08:38 PM

"Bo" our first Portuguese Water Dog 1989

"Fado" our second 2008

"Rainbow" the deaf rescue Aussie.


mandolindave 03-07-2013 08:47 PM

right after Big dog pulled me out of an apple tree
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And about a hundred yards from where he saved me from a charging bull.
They love to go camping

mandolindave 03-07-2013 08:56 PM

Camping in Fiddlers Grove
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This shot was taken in Fiddlers Grove at The Oats Bluegrass Festival

rodsterinfl 03-07-2013 09:05 PM

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Here is Sasha in her bean bag and she loves the Airstream.

Pileus 03-07-2013 09:06 PM

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Willy gets excited about Airstream rallys.

Stefrobrts 03-07-2013 09:13 PM

I never get tired of seeing folk's amazing pets!

These are our Eskimos, Navi & Barclay

bwoodtx 03-07-2013 09:15 PM

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This is Harrison,AKA Bobo or Bo for short he is also my avatar picture.

Keyair 03-07-2013 09:30 PM

In 2007, we got Moose..
Female, rescue, "American Staffordshire/Great Dane" mix who was born in the pound we guess..
Called Moose because her color resembles Moosetracks Icecream..
Awesome dog, great temprement, but a solid guarddog and a howler...
Fixed, but VERY attractive to male dogs, but she will NOT tolerate "Freshness", and kicks butt...
Favorite phase... "Dont mess with the Moose!"

Can anyone say "Flying Nun Ears"???
We swear she CAN fly!!

In 2009, came Cole...
A male Black Lab/Pitt mix, about 5 weeks old, who was used as "Pitt bait", all torn up/open.
We stepped up and adopted him..

Moose just loved him from day one, but keeps him in his place!

But boy, did his head grow to start with!

And here they are now...
Moose is taller and weighs abot 72lb, and is fast a rocket..
Cole is shorter but built... and close to 90lb..

Here is a funny one...
Cole just LOVES little white fluffy dogs....
But look at his white chest markings...
Anyone spot a Maltese face???:)

xo1rider 03-07-2013 09:35 PM

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Ace the wonder dog, about 15 months old and has been traveling in the Airstream since he was 7 weeks old.

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