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Two foot-itice - 25' vs 27'

Enjoying researching and looking at all options prior to us buying our 1st AS in about a year (little less). With interest rates, bank failures, etc. I think my timing for a purchase will actually be good for a change!! Talking to salespeople, the discounts are already to move in the consumer favour compared to the last few years.

But haven't even owned one yet and the phrase "buy your second AS first" and the "two foot-itice" is already taking hold.

Fully plan on buying a 25' RBT International but then looking at the extra room of the 27' (with a few pounds hitch weight and only 200 lbs heavier trailer) now looking at buying a 27' GT FBT. I intend to tow with my 2023 GMC 1500 Denali (yes I know I'm right up to the payload limit with careful minimalist packing). If we love the RV lifestyle and start doing a lot more of it I'll buy a 2500 GMC so we can take more stuff if we want and have more of a cushion.

Any comments on a 25' International RBT vs a 27 GT FBT?
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This is a difficult one to advise, as it really comes down to your own preferences, but I am living this exact dilemma and have been for the last couple years. We own a 25 RBT Flying Cloud, it was our first ever Airstream, and I have to say up front I do *not* have any regrets about selecting the 25' trailer, while at the same time, I do wish for a little more interior space that the 27' would give. I will also say I don't think I could give up the full width external rear storage compartment you get in the 25' RBT floor plan (the 27' has that storage in the front, much less accessible/convienent in my view). I don't think there would be any meaningful difference towing between the two, and with very very few exceptions, if a 25' will fit then a 27' will also fit (camping spots). We also love the twin floorplan, for the full length center aisle, it helps make the interior feel larger, and as a practical matter, you can stand and change clothes in the rear, and access the various rear interior storage cabinets very very easily. Both are great choices, I encourage you to try and visit dealers or RV shows to experience the interiors first hand, before you make a decision (it is likely to be a 6 figure expense by the time you are all done, so do your research up front).
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27 foot is 28 feet & the 28 foot is 27 feet... the same

Our 27 foot is 28 feet short. It is the same length as the 28 foot, which could also be considered to be a 27 foot long.

Rear bumper to the Front coupler length of our 27FBQ is 28 feet...

The 'living space' is about 24 feet 3 inches. So close to your entire 25 foot, which is probably 21 feet of living space.

We were looking for a 25 foot in late 2019 and they had only 27/28 foot to 30's trailers left on the lot. The 2020 models were secured within a back lot and not being offered until the 2019's were sold off.

Bought the 27 foot that is 28 feet. The living space is probably the same length in either, just the bed moves to the back. Made no difference to us.

The 27 for us is BIG. The 25 worked out better, but for resale the 27FBQ would have a better resale value in the long run. The Dealer made us a great deal to move the 2019's off the lot and we are happy and content. For now.
Human Bean
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We were leaning towards the 27 footer, but a deal came up on a 25 ft. GT and we decided the extra storage wasn't worth the price difference. Zero regrets so far. It's just not enough difference to be life changing, so I think you'll be fine either way.
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It depends on your individual requirements. If we still had kids at home or travelled with friends, we might have leaned toward the 27'. But with just 2 of us, a 25' offers all the room and storage we need. It has the added benefit of fitting in more campsites (CA state parks and some National Parks limit trailers to 25' in certain places), a 25' is incrementally easier to tow and maneuver especially if you on the borderline between needing a 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton TV and is usually less expensive to buy. In our case a 25' also fits better in the space we have to park a TT at home.

There's no right or wrong answer. Evaluate your needs and purchase the trailer that best meets them.

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Very interesting comments about the 2footitis!! We started out with a 22 foot Argosy, which was great, but after a short time realized it just wouldn't work for us. Two people and a big Airedale Terrier just took up too much room. Moved to a 31 foot and was in heaven, piles of room, bed in the back we could leave made up! Then the reality started to happen. Bed was crossways in the rear of the unit. I slept on the window side. getting up meant crawling over the wife, or, bending over and shuffling sideways down my side, around the end of bed and part way up the other side. Got my head banged often!! Another big problem not identified when we got the 31 foot, shower door was an accordion type, and stepped out directly into the front of the toilet. One slip and you were nose first on the Thetford!

We put up with this for a couple of years, and with friends having a 34 foot, we decided that would be the answer. Found a 34 with rear twin beds and it came home with us. No more shuffling around a bed!! WOW life if good! Shower door opened like a real door, opening onto the hallway. No more exiting the shower and landing on the toilet nose first! Even better!! So much room!! Then we decided that Arizona would be a great place to spend the winter (we retired). After couple of years decided to find another Airstream to leave in Arizona instead of pulling down and back in winter type weather.

Found another 34 foot, with twin beds in great condition, brought it home and thought we had found the answer to all our problems. We were getting everything ready to take to Arizona, fixing the few small glitches, and suddenly it dawned on me, I had to pull my shoulders in to go down the hallway. Went over and measured my original 34, and found the hallway 3 inches wider than my new purchase. Kitchen counter was also 3 inches narrower in my original 34 foot. Bummer!! Wife was cleaning the shower, and almost tripped getting out, almost landing on the Thetford as the door was just like our old 31 foot, an accordiontype. I tried getting in and out of the shower. Over the years I have gained a couple of lbs, and the accordion door just didn't seem as wide as I remember! All of a sudden our dream trailer was turning into a problem. Sold it!!

Point of this rambling is, until you have used and lived in a unit for awhile, you won't know what works best for you. Now we are looking at downsizing to a 28 or 30 foot. Made other arrangements in Arizona so we don't need a second Airstream.

Airstream ownership often goes in cycles from smaller to bigger and then back to smaller as lifestyle changes. I have talked with many Airstream owners over the years
and the biggest comments were " I wish we had gone bigger" and " sure glad we went 2 feet longer". On the other side of conversation, " don't need the extra space now, so going smaller".

Buying an RV is a big decision, so making sure it will work for you and your lifestyle is important. Thinking ahead about the future use, as well as today's use should play a major role in what you buy. Talking to owners really helps. Salespeople only want to sell, and often don't even own or use an RV.

Good luck with whatever you decide to purchase. JMHO
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Originally Posted by Riskinator View Post

But haven't even owned one yet and the phrase "buy your second AS first" and the "two foot-itice" is already taking hold.

Fully plan on buying a 25' RBT International but then looking at the extra room of the 27' (with a few pounds hitch weight and only 200 lbs heavier trailer) now looking at buying a 27' GT FBT. I intend to tow with my 2023 GMC 1500 Denali (yes I know I'm right up to the payload limit with careful minimalist packing). If we love the RV lifestyle and start doing a lot more of it I'll buy a 2500 GMC so we can take more stuff if we want and have more of a cushion.

Any comments on a 25' International RBT vs a 27 GT FBT?

Since you asked, Yes. I have a LOT to say about this.
We have owned a 2015 22 foot Sport. When that was in an accident at our storage facility we traded into a new 2017 Flying Cloud 25 rear bed twin. Ours was 30 amp/1 AC. We owned this for about 3 years.

That trailer was damaged when debris from a passing truck on the highway hit it. We had a family trip planned and wanted to not miss a season of camping so we traded that for a new rig. This was pre-Covid, but early summer so we had some selection, but not infinite. Our choices were narrowed down to a 25 rear bed twin with 50 amp and 2 ACs, a 28 rear bed, and a 27 50 amp front bed twin. We chose the 27 front bed with 50 amp and 2 ACs.

Here's what we loved out our 25 twin rear bed 30 amp trailer, why we didn't buy the 25 rear bed 50 amp trailer, and what we think about the 27 front bed.

Rear beds offers you the best placement for the beds if you like to sleep with the windows open. I cannot state this enough. As you back into the campsite your bedroom is facing the quiet woods or lake or bubbling stream. Heaven.
When you sleep with windows open and you want airflow you will have the roller shades open. Now with the front bed trailer our bedroom windows face the campground road, other campers, we get headlights in our eyes from drivers, and it's just not quite as nice. This isn't a reason I would trade units, but it certainly what we miss the most in our 25 is the rear bed.

The other things we liked about the rear bed twin is the very huge outside storage locker across the entire back of the rig. This thing holds milk crates, our step ladder. It's very nice. On the front bed the propane tanks make the storage compartment less accessible.

The last thing was that with the 30 amp/1 AC 25 foot unit is we had 2 fantastic fans and this let in a fantastic cross breeze. It also let in a lot of light. We in particular did not buy the 25 rear bed 50 amp unit because it felt so dark inside with the second AC unit where the second fantastic fan was in the 30 amp trailer.

Other smaller things we liked was the 30 amp "extra" plug at the front of the rig the made it possible to keep the generator in the truck and reach the trailer. We much preferred 25 rear bed bathroom as it has more "knee room" on the toilet, and a daylight window and nicer medicine cabinet. And as far as 25's go, we liked having both an oven and microwave that you get with the RB.

Now, the 27 twin is no slouch.
If I had to sum up the differences, I would say the 25 RB has better outside storage, and the 27 FB has better inside storage.

With the 27 twin, there is a space about a foot deep at the end of each bed. This doesn't sound like much but you can't believe how much stuff fits in here and is out of sight but easy to get to. Shoes, backpacks, hiking boots, laptop bags, extra pillows. Having this stash space keeps everything looking much less cluttered. It also gives extra "foot overhang" room for any tall sleepers.

Pantry & Kitchen With the 27 the pantry is pretty awesome. We can keep a toaster and nespresso in the bottom area, and in the upper area totes with a ton of food. The sink counter and overheads are longer and the drawers are wider than the 25. The longer area gives a bit more room to work in the kitchen. The double wide pantry holds twice as much, and there is a bit more room on the sofa, but not really all that much.

Final Analysis-25 rear bed better for boon docking, for nature camping. 27 front bed better for long term camping, better if you wanted to live in weeks at a time.

Piggy Bank
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Jim J
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Differences to consider besides the Length and Weight:

Closet width, Holding Tank capacity, Bed orientation, Seating configuration,
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+ 1 on Piggy Bank’s points

Riskinator, we made the mistake of not buying our 2nd Airstream first - an expensive learning experience.

As usual, Piggy Bank’s post hits all the right points. We started with a 2018 FC23FB but wanted the 25’. At the time our tow vehicle limited us to under 770 lbs so we went with the 23’. After one season we loved the AS experience but not the East-West queen and the small u-shaped dinette.

Made a trip back to the dealer and this time decided the 27’ GT was the one to get. A 25’ Twin would have been okay but at the time, for $4500 more we could get the 27’ GT. The extra space in the galley comes in handy (much larger slide out drawer and more countertop space). Also, the extra room at the end of the twin beds comes in handy.

Overall, we’re really glad we went with the 27’ vs. 25’. Also, the 50A service is nice to have.

Go with what feels right for you. Good luck!
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Half ton, traveling more than staying put, spending time out west in campgrounds with smaller sites, living with smaller tank sizes (but not bad), and not needing a couch separate from the dinette, I say 25 rear twin. The rear twin gives the best bathroom arrangement, and 4 outside storage compartments.

3/4 ton, staying put more often, but surely as easy to tow as a 25, a bit bigger tank size, just a wee bit nicer for two to spend a good deal of time in, IMHO, go for the 30 foot rear twin.

The 27 never entered our search. Don't like the toilet arrangement, knee bangin' for tall folk.

For us, never would buy an FB, don't like the front storage, too many war stories about issues there, frame separation being one thing I choose not to deal with.

Currently in a 30 rear twin. Nice big bath to stretch out in, 4 outside storage compartments, big water on board, big black and grey tanks, nice long couch to nap on, easy tow with F250. That's our gig. Everybody's different for sure.
If you ain't havin' fun you ain't doin' it right

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This is a fun dilemma. You'll like either, but should spend a LONG time sitting in one at a dealership, then moving over to the other. For us, we owned a Safari 25, and loved it, but the layout in the FC27 was a bit better, and had more room all the way around. Think counterspace and pantry. Best of luck.
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Lots of good points made by others so no need to repeat what has already been said.

We have had both, 25' and 27'. We like the 27' better because it has more interior space. If I knew then what I know now I would have bought a 27' first!

Enjoy the search for your AS.
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Its all about personal preference. We looked at the Classic 30' vs the 33'. I did not like the bathroom on the 30 but loved it on the 33. So we ended up with the 33. You have to go look at them, try out everything, kick the tires, etc.
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Everything is pretty much discussed except how I feel about RB versus FB. I like my waking hours spent looking out the rear window into the nice part of a campground.
Bedrooms are for sleeping and why waste a good view while sleeping. With blackout shades and the fan on I've never had trouble sleeping in my FB then I wake up, get coffee and enjoy the view out my rear window.
Just my wife's and my opinion and I hope this helps.
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Bought the 2013 25FB International Serenity in October of 2012 while overseas. The first trip made it clear to me I had really goofed as the cross bed was more than a challenge. We decided to order a 2014 27FB twin Classic. The ink was not dry on the order and we realized the dinette was identical to the 25FB and we did not like it.

So for just the difference in list prices, we went to the 2014 31' twin bed Classic. No interest in changing. It has been totally customized over the years and we have all the most recent upgrades to the basics (Truma instant on water heater, new more efficient A/C units, total rewire. to commercial outlets, 1,000 watts of solar panels and a 600 amp hour lithium battery and 12" disc brakes mounted one new 5,200 pound axles with 3" lift plates) while maintaining manual operation of the awnings, the stabilizers and other stuff "automatic" Airstream has a decided folks want.

Only issue is production went from 41 units per week (I was there every day and there were lots of things I caught that were wrong) to a completely new system where the QC issues are amazing. Just read the forums.
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The 25 and 27 footers have different configurations so definitely check that out by sitting a while in each model to see which one you like better. For example, the dinette is along the side of the trailer in a 27-footer versus fitted at the end of the trailer in a 25-footer.
I don't know if this helps but I've attached a photo of my 25-foot trailer, sitting next to a 27-footer. My trailer has the red truck in front of it.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

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Work out the trailer first and *then* work out the truck. If you do your "trailer pick" right, it will be yours for decades. Trucks come and go.

The only way I know of to decide between the multitude of floor plans and sizes is to go sit in them. Don't just hop in and hop out. Spend an hour or two in each of the candidates. If possible, look at several at a time. Yes, this will take all day (or more).


There are simply too many details that will impact you and your crew. What is fine for me might be a disaster for you. How *you* fit in the seating, the beds, the bath / shower, and the aisles is something only you can work out. The same is true of storage and the kitchen setup.

Plans and pictures on the internet are great. They are useful. They very much do not tell the full story. A new AS (even with a discount) is still a big purchase. It's worth a couple days to go do a deep dive into picking the right one.

New versus used is a decision you will have to make. It sounds like you are headed towards new. There's nothing wrong with that. There are a *ton* of threads here debating the new vs used question. There is also an "order it" vs "new on the lot" debate as well.

Schedule wise, you might not have quite as much time as you might think. The "new" models will get announced in the May to July time frame. If that's what you are after, they likely are at max price in the summer. If you want to get it "in hand" before next April (not a bad target), it *may* take 4 to 6 months for the order plus shipping plus prep plus delivery plus pickup process. The window for a good price *and* delivery isn't all that big.

Yes, there are a *bunch* of assumptions going into that schedule guess. Again, it's your decision and your schedule. What makes sense for one person may not even be close for another.

About 6 years ago we went over thinking that maybe a 25' made sense. After a bit of this and that, we moved up quite a bit size wise. Others might have moved to a 23' ....

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It’s important to consider how you’ll use your Airstream and your preferred camping style. Our first RV was an International Serenity 23FB. It was a great little trailer for our needs. At the time we bought it, I was still working full time and we used the trailer for long weekends and occasionally for slightly longer trips. We did a fair amount of boondocking for fly fishing trips. It was small, but it worked really well for us. We loved it.

A few years later, I was offered an early retirement package by my company and I decided to take it. I retired 2 - 3 years before my plan, but I was happy to have the opportunity to do so. We are now planning on taking extended trips, including trips to Canada and Alaska. We decided that we needed a bigger rig, so we sold Airstream.

My point is that your needs will likely change over time. All you can really do now is buy the trailer that suits your needs the best. If things change in the future, then sell it and move on to your next adventure. I have no regrets about buying our 23FB, and I have no regrets about moving to something bigger that suits our current situation.

Just pick one and get out there and enjoy it!

Airstream International Serenity 23FB
Newmar Ventana 3715
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Wrench in the decision could come from the wife.

We owned 3 different model year 25' AS's over past many years before moving up to a 28' FC, RBTwin. Why did we move up? Wife wanted more "storage" and room...but we found the 27' was very much like the 25' in the layout for lounging and eating; the 28' however, has a separate L-couch to lounge (facing the TV) and a separate dinette booth, where 4 folks can enjoy dining or gaming. Outside storage of 27 or 28 pretty much the same, except rear bed/storage lockers vs front storage lockers. So what's a guy to do if you can't make up your mind? Buy used...which ever model you think you want....if you decide you wanted the other size, or even a larger model, you won't loose money when you sell. Many of us have done this...thats how you end up purchasing multiple AS's as "life" takes us along for the ride...
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We caught the disease, too...


Any comments on a 25' International RBT vs a 27 GT FBT?[/QUOTE]

We moved up from a 23' CB to a 25' GT FBT, using the same tow vehicle as you. Looked at bigger ones. Our concern with 27' was that (a) it wouldn't fit in our driveway in our winter home, (b) wouldn't fit in the parking slot of our summer home (c) we like to take it to several places with a 25' length restriction and (d) we would need immediate upgrade of TV which we don't want to do right now (a 2500 will probably be in our future at some point).

The biggest advantage we saw to a 27' in most floor plans is the additional storage space...on one hand that's important for weeks-long trips which we don't do. If we ever wanted to do a longer trip, we's probably utilize the TV for additional storage.

Take a look at the places you want to go with your Airstream. Often overlooked are length restrictions.

Or you could do like my brother and buy two--a 30' for some trips, a 19' for tight spaces.
David R. Busse
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