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Opinion on a second AC

Greetings, Thinking of upgrading my 2018 19' Flying Cloud to a 2019 25' International RB Twin. What are your opinions on the extra AC and the 50 Amp service. We are in Houston and use the Airstream in mostly the South/Southwest USA

Thanks, TominTexas

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Get it!!!! Second AC is a no brainer for the south. Better to have and not need than need and not have. I wish I had a second AC on my 23D as we travel to the beaches in FL a lot.

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Get it.
Writing the check is a temporary pain, regrets are forever.
You'll get 50 amp wiring and never worry about running one AC and the hairdryer at the same time.
Each AC doesn't have to work as hard. Or if one fails. your trip isn't ruined.
You'll have ducted air, so you can run the bedroom AC while you sit in the living area and have less noise. (although I don't find the noise objectionable). If you set the thermostats at a slightly different temperature, the two units won't kick on and off together, and you'll hardly notice them.
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So much of that applies to us.....especially the hair dryer. LOL
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And if do get it, get a 30A cord and connector. Around here most campgrounds are only 30A anyway and continually manhandling that 50A cord when only at a 30A site is a bear.
But having the 50A when needed is nice.
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Here is why I really like having 2 AC units in our 31.5' 310 TD CLASSIC MOTORHOME. Ill use both units to cool the rig down to where we want the temp then turn off the front unit to reduce the noise level. The rear AC does a fine job of maintaining the temp once we've used both to get it cooled off. So nice to have that option because they are pretty noisy. At night, we will shut down the rear unit in the bedroom and run the front unit if needed. Works out well.
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I just ordered a 2019 Globetrotter with the dual AC. Replacing my 25' International Serenity that is a trooper, but in hot Alabama weather it's rough with a single AC. Going dual AC was a definite must since we also want to head to Arizona and New Mexico in the next year as well!
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I wrestled with the same question. Should I get the 2nd A/C? I decided for it and at first regretted the decision because of the 50A cord and hauling around something I didn't think I really needed.

But I am now so glad that I decided to get the 2nd A/C. We would have had some uncomfortable days without it.

So my vote is for the 2nd A/C!
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Originally Posted by MWBishop View Post
And if do get it, get a 30A cord and connector.
Being lazy, I justified getting a 30 amp cord also because I can run it to the generator without pulling out the 50 amp cable! (They're available with a 50 amp female and a 30 amp male!) OBTW, about the first time you try to coil the OEM Airstream cable, you'll be replacing it also. Just because it's 50 amp doesn't mean it needs to be stiff as a bridge cable. Mine has found a home in the garage.
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Other than cost, the only downsides are weight ( = it's heavy ) and the lost fantastic fan. In some layouts you loose a skylight and not a fan ( = even a smaller issue ).

The upsides are pretty major. Being able to chunk in both units lets you cool down the trailer *much* faster under normal conditions. If you get stuck in full sun / 100+ temperature / 90% humidity, one unit simply will not cut it, let alone pump down the trailer.

One thing we do a lot is to run the "not bedroom" AC unit at night. The noise is less and you don't get quite as much temperature change when the unit cuts in. We use a small fan to keep the air moving through the trailer.

One thing I'm experimenting with is a short 50A cable. You have to park so the power post is fairly close to the inlet on the trailer. So far that's worked fine one try out of two. The first attempt technically *did* work. Having the cord hanging in air between the trailer and post didn't seem to be a good idea .... Had I not been so lazy, a move on the trailer would have made it fit that time.

Lots of Fun !!

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Not even a question. Get the 50 amp/dual air. You will not regret it.
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I used to have a 25' with only one A/C and the rear bedroom would not get cool in the heat of the summer. That is one of the reasons I traded it in. Now I understand that the newer duscted air in a 25' makes a big difference, but not sure. If camping in the summer in the SE USA, get the 2nd A/C in anything 25' or longer .
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I spent 25 yrs in LA and learned that I'm a heat-o-phobe. Trying to sleep when its 95 degrees at 2 AM just doesn't work for me. I moved to Seattle, where it's seldom over 80; maybe a day or two annually, which I can handle with some reluctance.

When I bought my 27FB, I got only one AC, as I knew I was not going to return to LA in the summer, or AZ, NM, TX, etc. Otherwise I would have gotten two. With your living in TX, I suggest that you get two, no question about it unless you're a true heat-o-phile. I couldn't imagine living in Houston. Nothing "wrong" with Houston; I just can't handle the heat.
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We have 2015 ducted air 25 FB FC. IN Az. We are suffering. It is $10,000 at JC to upgrade to 50 amp and second air. We mived to AZ after our purchase. We definitely need the 2 nd air.
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Don't hesitate to add the 2nd AC unit and required 50A wiring. You will appreciate the additional cooling. Best of success with your new Airstream.
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As I type this it is 7:00 p.m. in Fort Wayne, IN and the temperature is 93. The generator has been running all day because we only have 30A service here. We're in an "overflow" area, and the only other coach by us is a co-worker who is doing the same thing. Glad we can run the generator and both a/c units today. The weather guessers think it will be about 10* cooler tomorrow.
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Get it if you think it will make you more comfortable, but you will be limited to RV spots with 50 it will restrict your choices somewhat. We try and choose to camp where the weather is milder, so not an issue for us.
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wow...I had no idea that for a 19 footer, the consensus would be this strong.

I have 2 AC's in my 30 foot AS, and that is plenty enough...although now that I think about it, the kids bedroom can be the most stuffy as it is the furthest from an AC as any spot in the now come to think about it, I can see how a 3rd AC in mine also would be nice if I had to sleep in the hot box end of my rig in summer down here in AL

seems like a single unit with ducted air would suffice unit was the last of the AS models like it to not have ducted air for such a model....

Good luck, seems I suppose like a no brainer at this point....cost aside....

Still...I find it rather annoying that a single AC unit for a 19 footer would not be more than adequate...but airstreams really know how to not stay cool in the super heat.

I suspect a single unit down here in the hot stuff could work ok if you stuff like reflectix in all ya winders...sun port...fantastic fan...etc....we often summer camp down here and I put reflectix in many spots to improve cooling efficiency....

But still...Id go with 2 units really....
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We hail from south Alabama and the summers are so horrid that I’ve resigned to not camp in the summer. I’m content to wait out cooler days. We have a 23cb and one AC, I love the size of our TT and wouldn’t want to go bigger for the sake of an extra AC. If we had a double AC I still wouldn’t camp in this hellish heat. Sure you’re cool as a cuke inside but one step outside and its on the spit.

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Jumping on the bandwagon here... Anywhere in the South, a second AC is highly recommended.

I just added a Dometic Penguin II 13.5K BTU AC on my 88 Excella over the bedroom.

The trailer is currently configured for 30A service. For the second AC, I am using an independent 12 gauge/15A cord. I can either plug in to the park pedestal so both AC's can be used, or I can use a plug on the trailer as long as I do not run the front AC.

A second AC can be a trip saver if one goes out.

The AC on the 'other end of the trailer' can be used to reduce noise when both AC's are not required.

I like shiny objects.
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